Thursday, January 22, 2015

Japanese Angelica Tree with Warblers

1. Pine Warbler Pine Warbler 10-10-2014 Mere Point Yard

It seems that autumn was so long ago, and the colors of autumn appear so bright and bold against this current monochrome winter landscape. During fall migration my yard was filled with warblers for at least two weeks as these tiny, but colorful birds descended on these plants in my back yard. These colorful pants were filled with berries and birds and it took some research and the help of some facebook friends to help me discover what species of plant it is.

2. japanese angelica 10-6-14 Japanese Angelica Trees in Autumn 10-6-14

This is what the trees look like at the corner of my yard.

3. close up of japanese Angelica 10-6-14 This is a close-up of one of the leaves.

“The leaves are bi- or tri-pinnately compound” (*see link below)

Pinnate means: having the characteristics of a feather or wing.

4. leaf joints on anjelica 10-6-14 They are attached to these thorny stems or trunk, and drop from this joint leaving a long stick that is bare and points to the sky in winter.


5. reaching for the sky 10-6-14 This one must be at least 15 feet tall!

My research revealed that Japanese Angelica is considered an invasive species in some states, though I could not find anything about it on the Maine website of invasive species. The best info I found was on a Pennsylvania website. I’ve included all the links below at the end of this post. But the birds didn’t care about any of that. They just wanted the berries and they ate them every day until they were gone. I saw fewer warblers after that! All these photos were taken between October 6 through October 10th, 2014 in my own yard.

6. black-throated blue warbler-kab Black-throated Blue Warbler 10-10-14


7. unknown warbler-kab Palm Warbler eating Japanese Angelica fruit


8. palm warbler-kab Palm Warbler on Japanese Angelica leaf


9. yellow-rumped warbler-kab Yellow-rumped Warbler with Angelica berries


10. looking cute-kab Yellow-rumped Warbler


11. there's a warbler in there-kab There’s a warbler in there somewhere!

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Notes From My Nest: Yard Birds and such

 finch feeder 1-21-15

It’s a cold, clear morning here today with barely the whisper of a breeze. The Common Redpolls are back at my feeders, but so far the Hermit Thrush that has been hanging around all week is noticeably absent this morning. (It showed up around 11 AM after all!) I awoke around 6:30 AM to soft, gray skies that soon faded to a soft pink light and then full on blue. For a brief moment the waters in Maquoit Bay were bathed in these pastel colors, but now the sea is an icy blue fringed with an icy edge. Yesterday I could see a few Buffleheads and Goldeneyes floating and diving in the water. A Herring Gull lazily drifted around the ducks and seemed to be watching them dive for food. I only have a little window on their world glimpsed between cottages and tree trunks, but it is enough for me for now.

maquoit bay 1-21-15 Maquoit Bay View 1-21-15

We have had a break in the stormy weather and with the temperatures a wee bit warmer, this sunshine is calling me to go outside. Since dislocating my shoulder, I am even more housebound than I was before! While I am still in the 8 week healing zone from my surgery I could at least get out in the car and drive! Now I am totally dependent on others to drive me around. With weather this nice, I would be over at the boat launch in a heartbeat! Now I am stuck inside! The warm rains we had on Sunday did melt most of the snow in my yard, so I was bold and walked out to my car to get something on Monday and I couldn’t help lingering in the driveway for a moment.

South 1-21-15 South Feeder

I am trying to find ways to occupy myself while stuck in the house. I get up every morning and start counting birds right away. I make a cup of tea with my bins slung over my shoulder while I am still in my nightgown and wander from room to room. My yard is set up in such a way that I can see bird feeders from almost every window. The interesting thing I have observed is that the birds seem to wander from feeder to feeder as well. Seldom are all 4 feeding stations occupied at once. I do not know why. The Hermit Thrush that has been hanging around all week is bold and friendly and not easily spooked. I have observed it eating both seed and suet from my feeders. The redpolls are much more skittish and fly off at the slightest movement, or lack thereof. Sometimes I have no idea what has spooked them! I am searching the flocks for a Hoary Redpoll, which would be a Life Bird for me, and I think that I have seen at least one that is much paler and more “frosty” looking with a white rump. I tried to get a photo of it this morning out the back door, even with my bum arm, but the window frosted up as soon as I opened the inner door and the birds took off, so no luck and no proof! You know me. I will keep trying!

north feeders 1-21-15 North feeders near driveway

I’ve also spotted a few pine siskins mixed with the redpolls as well. My Yard list for the year continues to grow, but my over all year list has stalled, since I have not been able to get out and bird. Harlequin Ducks, Dovekies, Common Murres, Razorbills, Glaucous Gulls, and Snowy Owls are just some of the birds I am longing to see before this winter is over! Perhaps I can get my husband or my daughter to take me for a birding drive soon! I haven’t even seen a Common Raven or a Northern Mockingbird yet this year! Still, I am seeing a nice variety of birds in my yard and one of my favorite winter birds is the Red-bellied Woodpecker which is still hanging around my house. She has a fondness for peanuts and if I do not put them out for her, she usually won’t show up. The problem is, the blue Jays like the peanuts as well and come to the feeder and gobble them up, carrying them away in their gullet to cache someplace else!

daughter doing dishes 1-21-15 My daughter doing dishes for me 1-20-15

I have such a need to communicate and to write, that I have started writing with art stuff 1-21-15 my right hand. I can easily form the letters but it is a slow and painstaking process. Using this keyboard is much easier as the words flow from my brain to my fingertips. I am feeling stronger everyday and I am getting tired of sitting on the couch and watching TV! I had just bought some pencil crayons and other art supplies to try and be creative with last week before I fell because I needed something easy to use since I cannot go down in the basement and haul all my painting supplies upstairs by myself. I didn’t even get to open them and try them out before I fell and dislocated my left shoulder. They are still in their packages on the dining room table. I look at them everyday with longing and try to think of what I can do instead!

me 1-21-15

Today was the first day that I was able to dress myself! I was so proud of me! The black strap on my shoulder is my binocular strap. The white sock is over the strap of the sling because the foam rubber strap irritates my skin!

After writing this post earlier this morning the yard got very active and I had both a Sharp-shinned Hawk and a Red-tailed Hawk show up! I was looking out the front window and saw some birds fluttering in the bushes by the road. I thought they might be Robins but when I looked I was surprised to see my FOY Cedar Waxwings in the yard! So, things are looking up! Maybe all the new birds I need to see will come to the yard eventually? I am up to 108 Yard Birds now!  More updates later.


Here is the list of birds I have seen in my yard so far this morning:

(To the right is my handwritten bird list from yesterday written with my right hand!)

1. Red-tailed Hawk 1

2. *Sharp-shinned Hawk 1right-handed writing 1-21-15

3. Mourning Dove 12

4. Red-bellied Woodpecker 1f

5. Downy Woodpecker 4

6. Hairy Woodpecker 1

7. Blue Jay 1

8. American Crow 4

9. Black-capped Chickadee 10

10. Tufted Titmouse 2

11. Red-breasted Nuthatch 1

12. White-breasted Nuthatch 2

13. Hermit Thrush 1

14. *Cedar Waxwing 5

15. American Tree Sparrow 2

16. Dark-eyed Junco 6

17. Northern Cardinal 2 m 1 f

18. House Finch 6

19. Common Redpoll 14

20. Pine Siskin 1

21. American Goldfinch 2

*First of the Year sightings of these species!

backyard 1-21-15

Backyard feeders looking northwest 1-21-15

2015 Stats Life Year Month
Worldwide Bird Species 478 49 49
Yard Birds 109 36 36
Total eBird Checklists 7437 63 63

Saturday, January 17, 2015

I Blame It on the Eagle

1. miller park 1-16-15 After days of being stuck inside the house I was eager to get out and look for birds. I had not added any new birds to my Big January list in days. When I saw the weather report yesterday morning I realized my best chance to get out would be to go immediately, since snow squalls were predicted to roll through around 1 PM, and behind them were high winds and rapidly dropping temps. So, I left the house around 11:30 a.m. with bins and camera on the seat beside me. My destination is Miller Park in Androscoggin County. I have only birded here twice before but i am hoping I will get to see at least one new bird, plus start my Androscoggin County bird list for the year. The sun is shining brightly as I drive north on Mere Point Road. The skies are crystal blue and full of promise.

2. snow squall 1-16-15 I stop off briefly in Topsham to grab a bowl of chili and a coffee at Tim Horton’s. By the time I leave the restaurant dark clouds have moved in! Where has my sunshine gone! I jump in the car and drive west on Route 196, hoping I will still get to see some birds. Soon snow flurries are blowing past my windshield and obscuring my view. I wonder if I should turn around or press on. This is one of my first times out alone since my abdominal surgery 3 1/2 weeks ago. I do not want to do anything stupid. I pull into the parking lot of Miller Park with soft white flakes falling all around me. Still, I get out of the car and walk around the plowed parking lot. Though there is a fully loaded crabapple tree in a corner, I do not see any birds. The river and cove are frozen, and there is no sound, save the wind and the traffic rolling by.

4. sun breaking thru 1-16-15 Suddenly the sun starts to beak through and the flurries stop.


5. sabbatus river cove 1-16-15 I look at the frozen cove of the Little Sabbatus River.


3. snowy trail 1-16-15 I look down the snow covered trail, and decide to proceed.

I walk carefully, because I do not want to slip and fall,

but the snow is crunchy and not slick.

6. around the bend 1-16-15 I decide I will just walk down around the bend.

And though I am listening and looking, I do not see or hear any birds.

7. open water at miller park 1-16-15 Around the bend I see some open water, but no ducks here today.


8. river view 1-16-15 Still, the view upriver is so pretty.

But I feel I have walked far enough on this crunchy snow. I decide to walk back to my car and go visit my friend, Grace, who lives in Lisbon. She is a fellow birder and blogger and has a blog called, Grammie’s Ramblings. I have not seen her in a long time and a visit with her sounds just about perfect today. I reason that I will be out of the wind and the weather with no fear of falling. Just as I am getting into my car, four pigeons circle overhead and fly beneath the bridge to roost. They and a gull are my only birds at this location.

9. grace's feeders 1-16-15 Grace has THE BEST feeder set up!

She is surprised to see me and welcomes me warmly.

10. grace fills the feeders Grace fills up here feeders, then we sit back and watch the show!

Mourning doves, woodpeckers, finches, starlings, and bluebirds are all coming to her feeders. She tells me that she gets a Northern Flicker and a Northern Mockingbird at her feeders every day. I have not seen either species yet this year and would love to see them. We sit and chat and wait, but they do not come.

11. bluebirds on the deck 1-16-15 However, the Eastern Bluebirds put on quite a show!

We count 8 individual birds.

My bird count gets flagged by eBird once I go past 4 Eastern Bluebirds, but I have proof. I am taking lots of pictures with both my Nikon D90 and my cell phone. The birds come so close to the window that I can zoom in from my where I am sitting to get their picture! Still, no flicker or mockingbird and it is getting late. It is almost 3 PM and I need to head home. It is about a half hour drive. Before I leave, Grace and I head into her den on the other side of her house to look out the window. Sometimes the mockingbird is in the bushes on this side of the house, she tells me.

As we head into the room I see a square hole in the middle of the floor where a heat register use to be to let the warm air from a woodstove rise from the basement. The hole has a board screwed over it from below, and usually a small sofa is over it, but it was moved yesterday when Grace had a new energy efficient window installed in this room. We walk around the hole and over to the window. We look out at the bushes and the sky. We do not see the mockingbird, but suddenly we both see a large black shape flying over the distant fields. Is it an eagle? We are both excited and we eagerly turn to get our binoculars which are back in the kitchen. As we do, I take one step and suddenly feel the floor give way beneath my left foot. Boom! Down I go up to my hip in the hole in the floor! I have so much pain in my left leg and I can feel it dangling through the hole into the cold basement. I don’t remember doing this, but I must have pushed with my left arm to free my left leg from the hole. As I am laying there on the floor in pain, I suddenly realized I cannot move my left arm.

Grace gets me a pillow for my head and one for my arm as I lay there and we try to decide how serious this is. I cannot move my arm. I keep trying but it won’t do what I tell it to do. The pain is starting to build until it becomes excruciating. I tell Grace to call an ambulance. Then I ask her to cover me with a blanket as I am getting very cold. I dread calling my husband. I fear I may have ripped out my surgery, though at the moment all I can feel is the pain in my shoulder. It seems to take the ambulance forever to get there. At first I felt so stupid, but now I am beyond that, because the pain is so intense. I just want the pain to stop.

The ambulance arrives and a woman named Darlene and a young man named Chris start to help me. I have my eyes closed to focus inward and try to stop the pain. Darlene looks me over and believes I have dislocated my shoulder. They eventually help me to sit up and then stand, because the stretcher cannot get around the narrow corners of Grace’s house. Four people help me to get up, but I do not know who the others are. I think one was a policeman and one was the ambulance driver. I walk to the stretcher and sit down. They strap me in and wheel me out the door. At some point they started an I.V. but I don’t remember when. I am panting in pain and humming. I don’t know why, but the humming helps. They start a pain killer once we are in the ambulance. As they load me up, I see Grace’s distressed face in the driveway behind me. I call out to her not to worry. I say “I hope you will still be my friend and that you will let me come visit you again.” Then we are off. I have to leave my car and my camera behind, but I had Grace put my binoculars in my purse, because I cannot live without my bins!

It is a long drive to the hospital but the pain killer is helping. Once we arrive, however, the doctors do not give me any more pain medication. They need to asses the damage first and find out if I broke any bones as well as dislocated my shoulder. I am packed off to x-ray and the pain builds. It builds and builds until I am crying and moaning, but they do not want to give me any pain meds because they have to briefly put me under sedation to reduce the dislocation. If I am under too much sedation I might have trouble waking up. Finally they decide that I can have a little pain medication.

13. out of socket 1-16-15  Finally they have the x-ray results showing the dislocation, but no broken bones.

Can you see the head of my humerus down below the socket?

Finally the doctor comes back in. There is a team of people in the room, but I do not see them because my eyes are closed as I try to deal with the pain. They put oxygen on me and administer the sedation. I start to count back from 100 and go out around 89. When I wake up they intense pain in gone and my shoulder is back in place. With that pain gone, now all the other parts of my body that were injured start to hurt. The doctors and nurse check them all out. I am sent back for an x-ray of my left forearm, but no fractures are found. I have a HUGE bruise and Charlie horse on my left thigh from where my leg went through the hole and it has become the primary source of pain now. The good news is, there is no apparent damage to my surgery. Everything seems to be intact!

12. in pain 1-16-15 Now I just want to go home.


14. back in socket 1-16-15 This is my humerus back where it belongs!

I have to say that having a dislocated shoulder is the worst pain I have ever experienced in my life. It is worse than the three car accidents I was in and more painful than giving birth. So, now I am back home and able to only use one arm. I have to go see an orthopedist in a week. Until then I have to wear this sling 24/7 and try to behave myself. I am left handed, so this really puts a damper on my writing and I will not be able to lift my heavy camera to take pictures! Gus got a ride to Grace’s house to pick up my car and my camera this morning. When I first started writing this blog post I was slowly pecking out the letters on the keyboard one by one with my right hand, but I soon found that I could lean forward and still use my left hand in its sling, which is making this go much faster! I was told that once you dislocate a shoulder it is much easier for it to happen again, so I will have to be VERY Careful about slipping, falling, climbing, etc.

There goes my Big January Count! However, as soon as I was up this morning, I was counting birds again! I was talking to Grace when a huge flock of Common Redpolls flew in! I quickly hung up on her and I wanted to grab my camera to see if I could get a shot, then remembered that my camera was at Grace’s house! Oh well. I did get some good pictures at her house yesterday and hopefully will be able to offload them and post them this week, especially since I cannot drive now. I am really house bound! Yuk!


15. trail 1-16-15 I cannot wait to get back out on these birding trails again!

Thursday, January 15, 2015

White-crowned Sparrows in Autumn

1. White-crowned sparrow-kab White-crowned Sparrow at Wharton Point 10-18-14

On this snowy day I am stuck at home going through old photos and trying to catch up. When I came across these photos of some White-crowned sparrows with tan-striped heads they just made me smile. I photographed these birds last October at Wharton Point when my friend, Dawn Fine was visiting me. I drove her over to Wharton’s Point Landing to see the birds. On our way we found a pair of Bald Eagles perched in a pine tree over the pond on Rossmore Road. Once we arrived at Wharton’s Landing there were all kinds of shorebirds in the water, but on the land these sweet first year White-crowned sparrows were in the trees and surrounding bushes.

2. wcsp-kab White-crowned sparrows don’t stay around here for very long. We just get to see them passing through on spring and fall migration. I think this was the highest count of White-crowns I had counted here in Maine with 6 individual birds counted.

3. wcsp-kab White-crowned sparrows are found all across the United States with various subspecies in the east and west. The adult birds have beautiful black and white contrasting crown stripes, but the immature or first winter birds have this tan striped head. If they pass back through this area on their return trip in the spring, I won’t even recognize them as the same birds with their new black and white crowns!

4. Maquoit Bay-kab Maquoit Bay as seen from Wharton Point on 10-18-14

Meanwhile, back here at home….

5. Mere Point cove 1-14-15 cell pic I stopped by the Mere Point Boat Launch on my way back from town yesterday to do a quick bird count. To my surprise, most of the bay was frozen with ice cracked and stacked in the cove near the boat launch. Though most of the bay was frozen, there was an open channel of water with a few scoters and goldeneyes paddling around and diving down into the cold, gray depths. There was also a pair of adult Bald Eagles flying up and down over the open water. My view was partly blocked by buildings and bushes, so I could not tell if the eagles were trying to catch some fish or if they were harassing the ducks and trying to catch themselves a duck dinner! I rolled my car window down and I could hear their chirping cries ringing out over the icy sea! If you have never heard a Bald Eagle call, you might be surprised at the chirping sound. It is not at all a fierce sound, like the call of a Red-tailed or Swainson’s Hawk, or the hair-raising wail of a Northern Goshawk. But, once you learn it, you will always recognize it!

6. My yard 1-15-15 cell pic This morning I awoke to this: a gentle gray day with light flurries that have fallen off and on all day long. The yard was pretty quiet when I first got up this morning, but I soon found out why when a juvenile Cooper’s Hawk flew up into the treetops at the edge of my driveway. After awhile it left and the birds returned to the feeders. I counted 17 species in the yard today, including a First of the Year in my yard pair of Red-breasted Nuthatches! The Cooper’s was also my first sighting of one in my yard this year. A couple of days ago there was open water on Maquoit Bay and a flock of Goldeneyes swam close enough to the shore for me to see them from my living room window. That made species number 107 for my Yard Life List, and with the addition of the Cooper’s Hawk and Red-breasted Nuthatches in the yard today I am now at 27 species in the yard for 2015! My Big January Count is currently stuck at 46 species for the year. I need to get out and find me some more birds!

7. WCSP-kab Immature White-crowned Sparrow 10-18-2014


Poetry is happening on Kathie’s Poet Tree!

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Birding the Best that I Can

1. Androscoggin river in Topsham 1-6-15 cell pic The Androscoggin River January 6, 2014

I am slowly healing from my surgery and feeling more like myself everyday. Yesterday my daughter came down to help me out and after cutting my hair, filling my bird feeders and changing the sheets on my bed for me, she drove me into town for errands. Along the way we stopped to count birds on Bowdoin Island in Topsham after I saw a small flock of ducks down in the river as we crossed the iron bridge near the dam and the old Fort Andross Mill. I had never driven into the parking area here, though there is an eBird Hotspot marked as the Seadog Brewing Company. It took us a few minutes to find a place to park that gave us a view of the ducks but we finally found a spot and I got out in the freezing cold weather to count birds!

2. A bend in the Androscoggin on Bowdoin Island in Topsham 1-6-15 cell pic Down in this little cove created by a bend in the river and just below the dam I counted a dozen Common Mergansers! While I had seen red-breasted mergansers a few days ago down in Harpswell, these were my first Common Mergansers this year. As most avid birders will know, a New Year means a New List! I am so used to doing a Big January ever since I started my first blog, Sycamore Canyon, so it feels weird not to be out there pushing to get as many birds as I can. I still feel the pull of it, and so my husband and now my daughter have helped me find a few birds. I know my list will not be as big as it has been in past years, but I still feel the need to do a Big January as best as I can. I see that many other birders are seeing wonderful birds around the state, but I can only go so far right now. It will be interesting to see what shows up in my yard and at the Boat launch!

3. Androscoggin River looking NE on Bowdoin Isle 1-6-15 cell pic Though it is quite cold here as well as across the rest of the nation, I must admit that there is still beauty to be seen here in winter. This view is looking Northeast up down the Androscoggin River toward Merrymeeting Bay.

4. wharton point sunset 1-1-15 On January 1st Gus drove me over to Wharton Point to count birds and watch the sunset. I took this picture from the car. Another person was there watching the sunset as well. It must of been cold on those rocks! It was so cold and the cloud shelf was so low that we left, but we should have waited just a few minutes longer, because look what happened to the sky as we were driving south on Mere Point Road on our way home! Scroll down to see the first sunset of 2015 for me!

5. windsheild sunset 1-1-15 cell pic January 1, 2015 Sunset as seen on Mere Point Road.

While we were out and about i counted my first birds of the New Year at the Mere Point Boat Launch, on Rossmore and Mere Point Roads, and at Wharton Point. On the drive home we also saw 3 Wild turkeys in someone’s yard, but the best bird was the Barred Owl we saw hunting in a field on Rossmore Road! It was my first Barred Owl in Maine as well as my First of the year!

6. harpswell geese 1-2-15 cell pic The next day after we did a couple of errands, Gus drove me down to Orr’s and Bailey Island in Harpswell to count birds. I added several species there, including these FoTY Canada Geese! 

7. snow 1-3-15 cell pic I was looking forward to getting out more, but then this snow came on January 3rd! It’s kind of kept me house bound since, as I don’t dare risk going out by myself and falling! My body still has lots of healing to do.

8. bird feeders 1-4-15 backyard cell pic So, I watch birds out the windows instead.

Some days I see all the same birds, but some days something different flies in. Today I had my FoTY Purple Finch! I have not had one here in over a month! She made species Number 41 for this year!

9. windy day on the bay 1-5-15 cell pic On January 5th the wind was blowing a gale out there, but it did bring a few birds close enough to shore for me to see them from my living room window. Here is a list of my yard birds and my 2015 Year Birds so far:

2015 Bird List

2015 Yard Birds 2015 Big January

1. Red-tailed Hawk/ 1-1-15

1. Red-tailed Hawk

2. Mourning Dove

2. Mourning Dove

3. Red-bellied woodpecker

3. Red-bellied woodpecker

4. Downy Woodpecker

4. Downy Woodpecker

5. Hairy Woodpecker

5. Hairy Woodpecker

6. Blue Jay

6. Blue Jay

7. American Crow

7. American Crow

8. Black-capped Chickadee

8. Black-capped Chickadee

9. Tufted Titmouse

9. Tufted Titmouse

10. White-breasted Nuthatch

10. White-breasted Nuthatch

11. American Tree Sparrow

11. American Tree Sparrow

12. White-throated Sparrow

12. White-throated Sparrow

13. Dark-eyed Junco

13. Dark-eyed Junco (slate colored)

14. Northern Cardinal

14. Northern Cardinal

15. House Finch

15. House Finch

16. American Goldfinch

16. American Goldfinch

17. Bald Eagle/ 1-3-15

17. Common Eider/Mere Point Boat Launch 1-1-15

18. American Robin

18. Black Scoter/Mere Point Boat Launch

19. Pine Siskin

19.  Cooper’s Hawk/ Rossmore and Mere Point Roads 1-1-15

20. Common Eider/ 1-5-15

20. Herring Gull/ Rossmore and Mere Point Roads

21. Herring Gull

21. Barred owl/ Rossmore and Mere Point Roads

22. Purple Finch/ 1-7-15

22. Ring-billed Gull/ Wharton Point 1-1-15

23. Wild Turkey/ Maquoit Road 1-1-15

24. Bald Eagle/ Brunswick 1-2-15

25. Rock Pigeon/ Brunswick 1-2-15

26. Long-tailed Duck/ Orr’s Island 1-2-15

27. Bufflehead/ Orr’s Island

28. Canada Goose/ Bailey Island 1-2-14

29. Mallard/ Bailey Island 1-2-14

30. Surf Scoter/ Bailey Island 1-2-14

31. Red-breasted Merganser/ Bailey Island 1-2-14

32.  Common Loon/ Bailey Island 1-2-14

33. Black Quillemot/ Bailey Island 1-2-14

34. Great Black-backed Gull/Bailey Island 1-2-14

35. European Starling/Bailey Island 1-2-15

36. American Robin/ my yard 1-3-15

37. Pine Siskin/ my yard 1-3-15

38. Common Merganser/ Seadog Brewing 1-6-15

39. American Black Duck/ Mere Point Boat Launch 1-6-15

40. Common Goldeneye/ Mere Point Boat Launch 1-6-15

41. Purple Finch/ 1-7-14

window view 1-4-15 I see more window birding in my future!