Thursday, May 5, 2011

Maine Blue (SWF)

1. Wilson Pond-kab Wilson Lake 4-29-11 Wilton, ME

There is nothing like a blue spring sky in Maine…

2. Eastern Phoebe-kab …with an Eastern Phoebe singing on a wire above!


3. cottages-kab Cottages along the lake shore 4-29-11


4. Wilson pond-kab These are Maine Blue Skies!

Happy Skywatch Friday!

Gus and I took a drive to Maine last Friday up through the towns of Livermore Falls, Jay, and Wilton before heading over to Norridgwock where his parents live. We used to live in Livermore Falls, so it was fun to see all the places we used to hang out. Wilson Lake/Pond is one of my favorite places. No birds on the water yet, but usually there are loons here in the summer. Perhaps I will get to see some later this year! The Eastern Phoebe above was the only bird I saw or heard at this location on this day for the 10 minutes I was there!


  1. And the beautiful blue water as blue as an Arizona sky. Yet today it's a bit cloudy in Arizona.

  2. I love those rich, blue waters. Gorgeous.

  3. What beautiful skywatch and scenery shots but I have to say the bird photo is magnificent.

  4. Pretty shots!

    Would you mind visiting and commenting on my Sky Watch post? Big thanks!

  5. Beautiful and peaceful!
    Happy SWF Kathie.
    Enjoy your weekend.

    " Regina "

  6. Beautiful scnery and lovely skies, great captures Kathie! I love the cute Phoebe. Have a great weekend and Mothers Day!

  7. ...I was just over at Dawn's blog and saw you featured there! Congrats!! :-)

  8. Maine is such a beautiul place to visit. Great the cute little bird!

  9. Your right. An absolutely gorgeous blue. And that cute Eastern Phoebe too!

  10. Kathie what a gorgeous sky and color of water like the Carribean waters!!Nothing nicer than living near the lake...I surely am realizing this now that we are in our Wee Lake location!
    Wishing you a Happy Mother's Day!

  11. So true, there is nothing as blue as a beautiful day in Maine, now you have made me homesick, have a great weekend full of new photo opps

  12. Kathie! So nice to to finally catch up on some blog reading! Wow..You sure have been busy..and some of my favorite places, Devils hop yard, Gillette Castle, KIMBALL FARMS..I am jealous!

    Looks like you are having a grand time with family.

    Hope to see you soon..We will be in CT for most of June.


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