Thursday, October 27, 2011

Brown Creeper, Blue Sky

10-27-11 Brwon Creeper-kab

Brown Creeper on Willard's Island at Hammonassett SP, CT 10-21-11

Skywatch Friday!

Last week my friend Kathryn and I went birding at Hammonassett Beach State Park in Connecticut. Kathryn has never been to New England before so we travelled all over the Northeast birding and sight-seeing. We found this little Brown Creeper while walking through a wooded area of Willard's Island at Hammonassett Beach State Park. Brown Creepers are tiny cryptic-colored birds that cling to the bark of trees. Unlike nuthatches, they cannot go head first down a tree trunk. Rather, they fly to the base of a tree and creep up the trunk probing for insects in the bark with their thin, curved bills. When they have gone far enough up the tree, they fly back to the base and start the climb all over again, or they fly to another tree, and continue their hunt. I am always delighted to see this sweet little bird. I hope you enjoy it also. You may click to enlarge the picture for better viewing and then click on the link to see more amazing skies from around the world!


  1. Great sighting of the Creeper, kathie! They are great birds, wonderful photo. Happy Skywatching!

  2. A beautiful photo. I really liked birds.
    The blurred background is splendid.

  3. I adore your photo of this Bird

    Greetings from

  4. Nice profile shot. Those can be hard to get.

  5. Beautiful sky....lovely little bird. What a nice combination of color and nature. genie

  6. The creeper is a little beauty and shows so well against that deep blue sky. Nice to show friends around a new place for them as it helps to see things with a different eye.

  7. Hi Katie...What cute and funny little fellars they are !!
    Very nice find on this one..lovely photo!!


  8. Fantastic capture of the Brown Creeper! They move so very quickly that they are difficult to photograph. Such interesting little birds. Terrific image!

  9. Thats a great shot Kathie, I can never get that close to them.

  10. I am so impressed that you managed to capture the creeper so beautifully Kathie, they never stay still long enough for me to get a shot.

  11. Hi Kathie

    I really enjoyed the shot of the Creeper I used to see them now and then but I have not seen one for a couple of years.


  12. I love these little critters..Great photo Kathie! Lucky you to see the Brown Creeper. I have only seen a few this year.


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