Friday, February 28, 2014

AFF 19: Watercolor Barn Owl

2-28-14 AFF 19 Barn Owl Sweetwatercolor-kab

Barn Owl at Sweetwater Wetlands 9-17-2013


  1. Your Friday Art photos are beautiful! I bet you have a lot of fun with them! I have been in Florida since November and I bet you have seen more birds in your visit than I have all winter. Will you make it to Fort De Soto?

  2. Sheila, no, I don't think so. I do not have my own car and so am dependent on my brother's one car. Plus, I am here helping my Mom, so I am squeezing in birding whenever and wherever I can. I should would love to go birding with another birder though! I have time but no wheels!

    1. I have never been there, as yet. However, when we return to Florida at the end of this year we will be stopping there! I can't wait. Enjoy your time with family and Happy Birding!

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