Thursday, October 14, 2010

Dear Blogging Friends,

I purchased more photo space on Picasa Web Albums last night because I took a walk yesterday and I have many nice photos to upload and show you.  However, it takes up to 24 hours for the storage space to activate.  I just tried a few minutes ago and it still says I am out of my 1 GB of storage space. I have the post written and the photos uploaded onto my computer.  As soon as blogger will let me, I will finish the post and upload it!

It has been very hard to be disconnected from my blog.  I am so eager to get back at it on a regular basis. To make matters worse, when I tried to upload from blogger-in-draft they had a whole new format and it did not appear as if there was a link to upload photos from my computer. There were just 3 links (I thought) to upload from "this blog," "Picasa web albums" or "a url." I did NOT want to have to start uploading all my photos into Picasa and then access them from there. My time is precious and I need this to be simple and easy.  I am not a techie so when things go wrong with my computer it freaks me out. Anyways, I was writing my blogger eptitath when I tried again. I clicked on the upload images link and looked again.  There was a link that just said "upload" and to the right of it was a window and a buttton with the word "browse" on it. I clicked on the browse button on a whim and it brought up access to the files on my computer!  Hurray!  Now, I did go to the blogger Help Forum and read all kinds of answers about how to "work around this problem."  One person even suggested they would go get a Word Press blog.  There were suggestions to go back to the old format (if you know how to do that) or try a different browser or computer (why would that matter?). Still, I don't think it should be this complicated and no one ever said, "Oh, we changed the format. Just click on the browse button next to the "upload" link and it will give you access to the files on your computer." That SIMPLE answer would save many people frustration!!!!!!!!!!! (and tears).

So, Now I just have to wait (I hope) and soon new photos and old will be posting once again.

BTW, I wrote this whole post out to hopefully save someone else from all this frustration that I have experienced today. And just to vent. Whining makes me feel better! (and no, I do not want any cheese with my whine!) I so want to get back to blogging on a regular basis!

As for the birds, my feeders are up and the little birdies are visiting me on a regular basis now.  I am so happy!



  1. The browser can make a huge difference because different browsers interpret the code differently. For example, certain browsers will display the background properly, but not the buttons.

    Since your blog is hosted by Google, maybe you should try using Chrome, which is also a Google product. I've found that Chrome works for almost everything modern. If Chrome doesn't work, Internet Explorer will work because stuff not designed for Chrome (i.e. antiquated websites) are designed with IE in mind.

    Good luck, I miss your posts!

  2. Hi Kathie, well it will be good to see these photos. The new system was certainly different, but once you get use to how it works it is a lot better.

  3. Nice to see you blogging again, even with some minor frustrations. I use Live Writer and have never had problems with finding my images to upload or not having enough space in Picassa.

  4. I see verification is on again. I had to turn mine back on also when too many "anonymous" spams came through bloggers spam blocker.

  5. Live Writer doesn't work with iMac but does on the PCs. I seldom have any problems but then I always reduce the size of my photos before I put them on Photobucket or Flickr. By size I mean how many MB they are. I try to stay at 720 pixels wide which is about 10 inches. Then the total weight of the photo will be less than one megabyte.


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