Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Feeder Birds in Massachusetts

Chipping Sparrow in Yew bush 10-20-10
Since moving in I have set up my feeders and watched the birds come. Each new species I see makes me smile. At first I saw chickadees and Tufted Titmice, then Downy Woodpeckers and Mourning Doves started to arrive.

White-breasted nuthatch 10-19-10

Field sparrow 10-19-10

One morning I was surprised to find a Chipping Sparrow and a Field Sparrow at my feeder.  The Field Sparrow was only here for that one day but the Chipping Sparrows have been regular visitors ever since. 

Nuthatch and field sparrow arguing over the feeder 10-19-10

American goldfinch 10-20-10

 Soon the goldfinches showed up...

The squirrel helps himself to breakfast 10-25-10

...and then these gray pirates arrived! What bold fellows they are coming right up the pole and peering in my kitchen window!  They have no fear when I try to shoo them away unless I open the window, then they dash down the pole and run beneath the yew tree only to emerge and run back up the pole as soon as I move away from the window! 

Cute squirrel face and paws
  They are hard to resist but I can't have them eating all of my seed and scaring away my birds. So, what did I do?

How to outfox a squirrel?

Get a squirrel baffle of course! This is my first time using one of these and it really works. The squirrels are still here but they now run around beneath the feeder scrambling for dropped seeds.

Just add a baffle!

Chipping Sparrow 10-25-10

Maple leaf 10-25-10

I am enjoying my new home in New England.  Autumn is a glorious time to be here with all the fall foliage set off by magnificent New England Architecture. It won't last long but for now I am enjoying these pleasant Autumn days. Today was so warm that I opened some of my windows and only wore flip flops on my feet.  But I know that winter and snow are not far behind. This past weekend I bought new boots and warm shoes.  It's been six years since I have lived in the Northeast but I think I am ready for it.  For now I am really enjoying these northeastern birds!

New England Architecture with Autumn colors 10-25-10


  1. I am happy to see you enjoying the north eastern birds Kathie. You have quite a selection there. I agree, this is a beautiful time of the year and one I enjoy very much.

  2. Denise, I am enjoying it and will enjoy it even more when all my un-packing is done and this cough I have had for a month is gone!

  3. Great photos and fun backyard birds! Glad to see you bloggin'!

    I am in Idaho most of this week. We're still not sure where in the mid-Atlantic we will be moving to. In the mean-time I am traveling 10 days and home for four days. Kinda rough. But, I have added 21 life birds doing very little birding.

  4. Even in the east you are getting great sightings and captures of the birds. Cute little squirrel baffle. The fall colors are so vivid. Hope you get totally unpacked and feel better soon.

  5. Katie,I'm so glad you are enjoying your birds again! The maple leaves are gorgeous! We had an owl visit us last night! I didn't see it, but we heard it.

  6. So nice to see you happily settled with all these new bids around you. The colours in the New England stater are truly magnificent.

  7. Kathie, glad you are finally getting settled and can enjoy your birds. Moving and the stress of life can sometimes drag us down, but then the beauty of God's creation lifts us up.

    It's 25 degrees here this morning...while I am ready for Fall, I am not ready for winter...
    we are past peak fall colors, but the Aspens are starting to turn. Beautiful.

  8. lovely photo series and nice array of feeder birds. Hope the baffle works well :)


  9. Gorgeous! What a lovely place to be in the fall :)! ~Jess

  10. The birds certainly have found a friend. I have yet to out-baffle our squirrels and I have spent hundreds of dollars trying. They jump from our roof onto the feeder. While they were learning that trick they would fall with a thud to the ground and then get up and try again. They have jumped from trees into my window feeders. If I put the feeders in the middle of the back yard, I cannot see the birds or get out to fill the feeders when the snow is deep. So I feed squirrels too...oh well.

  11. Thank you for posting pictures with the birds species. I been trt ing to find out what type of birds I been feeding. Love the squirrels pictures. I enjoy feeding them too.


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