Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Back to Baker’s Meadow WBW

1. MUSW-kab Mute Swan 12-4-11

With such warm weather on Sunday it was too nice to stay inside, so Gus and I headed over to Baker’s Meadow, an AVIS property in Andover, MA. I had just recently discovered this place and I wanted to show it to Gus. We parked in the cul de sac on Meadow Lane and headed down through the fenced trail between the houses to the pond.

2. forest reflection-kabOnce in the forest the pond opens up before us. I am mesmerized by the black glassy water and the reflections of trees and sky. It is so calm and quiet here today. This time Gus and I hike north along the west side of the pond.

3. tree in cove-kab We hike past a cove with a tree down in it. The trail leads us through a bit of black mud and we cross a wooden bridge to the peninsula beyond. So far I have only heard the distant call of an American Crow, but now I am hearing the sharp “pik!’ of a Hairy Woodpecker.

4. ring-necked ducks-kab In the dark corner of the next cove over the ring-necked ducks try to hide.


5. bench-kab On the forested peninsula I find a bench for bird watching.


6. moss-kab Nearby the sun speckles the forest floor with glorious light.


7. CANG-kab Across the pond in the sunlight the Canada Geese are napping.


8. juvenile swan-kab While in the dark cove a juvenile Mute Swan floats by serenely.

Though we have been here almost an hour, I have not seen or heard any small birds. As we head back up the hill towards the fenced trail between the houses I suddenly hear small zeets and cheeps and wonder if there are juncos nearby. I think of juncos as flying shadows with their dark gray bodies which blend so well with the shade. Gus continues up ahead of me, but I pause and wait and search the trees, straining my eyes for any color or motion. Suddenly I see something move and I focus in with my bins. OH my! It is not a junco after all!

9. golden-crowned kinglet-kab It is a Golden-crowned Kinglet moving through the forest with 3 chickadees!


10. golden crown-kab As I watch from the shadows below, the tiny bird tips its head, revealing its gold crown. The birds are moving from east to west through pines and oaks at the edge of the forest and yards. Soon they are gone and as I start up the path to the waiting car, which Gus has kindly warmed up for us, I can’t help but wonder if…

11. forest dreams-kab …it was all a forest dream.

I’m sure you can find more birds if you click on the link for…

World Bird Wednesday!


  1. What a nice day. I love the pretty scenery and the photos. The Golden Kinglet is my favorite, they are such cuties.

  2. what a lovely place to have discovered, sure you will go there again and again.

  3. I love that Golden-crowned Kinglet!

  4. Such peace & tranquility can be found in those hidden, out-of-the-way places. Your blog just proves, yet again, what wonderful bits of life are all around us, every single day, if we just take the time to observe & listen. The kinglet is such a remarkable little creature & I'm sure it made your day. Thanks so much for sharing your love of nature & beautiful photographs!

  5. I am so glad there are natural spots like this to offer not only bird watching but also a centering of the soul. Love the reflections.

  6. Eileen, they sure are such cuties and so hard to photograph as they flit about. this one was in deep shade and I had to lighten the photo a bit.

    Lindylou, I probably will until the pond freezes over and the snow gets too deep.!

    Robert, it was a cutie! I'm so glad I stayed behind to investigate! It paid off!

    Ladybug, thank you for your kind and thoughtful comments! I so agree!

    Gaelyn, you are right about the centering of the soul!

  7. What a pretty little bird your Kinglet is a new bird for me..
    The tree reflections on the mirror glass lake are stunning to see..
    Thanks for sharing..

  8. Great hike!! Boom & Gary of the Vermilon River, Canada.

  9. A wonderful, peaceful place to while away the hours. It's nice to see birds but not necessary. Just to be in the midst of natures beauty suffices.

  10. Beautiful! The weather looks so nice there. It has done nothing but rain here for two days.

  11. Lovely reflective scenes Kathie.
    The Kinglet is like our Goldcrest.

  12. Sunday was a nice day here in western NY..glad you were able to get out and share some wonderful photos...

  13. Andrew, thank you. I can never get enough of the reflections.

    Thanks Gary!

    Martha Z, so true!

    Mary, well, the rain has finally arrived here today with possible snow flurries predicted for Thursday, but we are still having abnormally high temps here in the Northeast. On day in the 60's would not be so unusual, but it has been day after day after day!

    Roy, I will have to look that up. they are such cute little birds!

    Rambling woods, thank you. I feel we should take advantage of the nice weather as long as it last, 'cause you never know when you will have a nice day again and spring is still a long ways away!

  14. Kathie, my Intermediate Egret was just that, between the smaller Cattle Egret and the Great egret which stands 39" tall.

    Isn't it exciting when mother nature gives you a present like that, just for you alone . . .

  15. you captured the day well in both words and images

    Its nice to get the reflections on camera too as too many people walk past them without noticing


  16. Hi Kathie

    It was neat you got to see the Kinglet I have not seen on for years. It is very interesting that it is still summer/fall there it is finally winter here.


  17. Gorgeous reflections in the lake shots! And the swan really stands out nicely in that first shot. Great lighting on the geese. Nice job, Kathie!

  18. Beautiful post Kathie! Such a nice story line. What gave me a good laugh though was your picture of the forest floor, I thought I was the only person who took pictures of moss. I feel so much better now!

  19. Beautiful post, Kathie. I am with you, and Springman, of taking pictures of moss - there is such a variety of different mosses - could be a post in itself. I love your Golden-crowned Kinglets - they are so fast. It takes skill to get such good shots as yours.

  20. What a beautiful place and your photos catch the magic of it all.

  21. Hi Kathie.. thanks for your comment on my cruck barn post...

    The cruck is the A frame holding up the structure...
    Google cruck and visit the Wikipedia page for a full explanation.

    Many thanks for your visit and I have to say your blog is wonderful to visit.
    Hugs Drew xx

  22. Awesome pictures Kathie, hard to pick a favorite but I do love that first picture.

  23. Not so far from here. Would love to see this place in person. Your photos are gorgeous.

  24. Fantastic picture of the Kinglet! It's not easy to capture the crown, but you got it front and center. Impressive picture of an impressive bird!

  25. beautiful shots!!
    i just LoVE the one with the napping geese...and the trees reflecting in the water!! gorgeous!

    and the moss....and the swan...lovely forest stroll....


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