Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Gold, Green, and Gray at Devil’s Hopyard State Park in Connecticut

1. covered bridge-kab Covered Bridge at Devil’s Hopyard 6-29-13
I grew up visiting this park so it is always fun to go back to visit it. Of course, I have to count birds while I am there, but on this gray and wet day in June there were more mosquitoes than birds. Still, I soaked in the tranquility and the lush green of New England. I knew it would be a long time before I would be seeing this again.
2. inside bridge-kab

3. Gold-kab Gold water…

4. green-kab Green picnic area…

5. gray-kab Gray titmouse in a green forest…

6. gray phoebe-kab Gray Eastern Phoebe…

7. gray bridge-kab Gold, Green, and Gray.
Gold, green and gray,
These are the days
of early summer in New England
when the sun has yet to dominate
and the mosquitoes rise in clouds
from wet forests and flooded fields,
where humidity turns into rain and back again
in an ageless alchemy of water
and life,
and emerald.
It is the time before the blazing days of summer
when everything starts to wither and wilt
and turn brown.
These are the gold, green, and gray days
the pensive days, the dreaming days,
the remembering.
~Kathie Adams Brown (July 23, 2013)


  1. Lovely poem and photos, Kathy! I love the covered bridge and the birds. Lovely capture of the gold water! Happy Birding!

  2. HI Katie...thanks for coming by an your comments!!
    Yes I am the eBird Grace of Androscoggin haha!!

    I just love those covered bridges, so quaint and peaceful when the mosquitoes are not around that is!! : )
    Your shot's are very nice, and lovely words to your poem!!


  3. I just want to walk over that bridge and disappear into the lush green, but with no mosquitoes please. Your poem describes this verdant land so perfectly.

  4. The baby Phoebes here have flown the coop.


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