Tuesday, February 4, 2014


1. IMG_3075 cowgirls-Dom

Celeste and I astride our horses on December 23, 2013.

Besides our love of birds and nature, Celeste and I also share a love of horses. Last year I took my daughter on a horseback ride through Saguaro National Park as one of her Christmas presents. This year I invited Celeste to join me and we both did this as a Christmas present to ourselves. By now we both knew I would be moving at the end of January, so this made a nice memory for both of us.

2. IMG_3086 cowgirls-DomV Celeste's Horse is named Shooter while mine is named Soldier.

They were both well behaved horses and just look at Celeste holding those reins like a pro! Not bad for a Brit!

3. IMG_3090 horseback riding with celeste-DomV Off we go!


4. IMG_3091 horseback riding with celeste-Dom V 

5. IMG_3092 horseback riding with celeste-Dom V 

6. IMG_3093 horseback riding with celeste-DomV 

7. IMG_3094 Horseback riding with celeste-DomV 

8. IMG_3095 horseback riding with celeste-DomV Many Thanks to Dominic, Celeste’s husband, who ran behind us in the desert and took all these pictures!

9. Happy trails IMG_3074 cowgirls-domV

“Happy Trails to you…until we meet again!”

 Click this link to see-Scenes from last year’s trail ride.


  1. Looks like a great time in beautiful setting. So jealous!

  2. Hi Kathie, that is great way to watch and photograph birds, on horseback.
    Yes, us Brits can ride horses and we didn't need the Native Americans to show us how either. {:))

  3. Gee that looks like fun and great scenery too! You're not thinking about moving to Maine in a covered wagon are you?

  4. What a fun time, a great place to go horseback riding. Have a happy day!

  5. What a wonderful activity for the both of you to share ... great memories too!

  6. What a perfect morning we had. I still can't help but smile when I think of my crazy hubby running along behind taking photos - bless him :)

  7. Hi Kathie

    Nice to see the two of you looking so happy, when my wife took riding lessons in preparation for an over night trail ride her hourse was called Nippy.

    Happy Trails.


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