Sunday, March 8, 2015

Winter at Mere Point Boat Launch

1. 12-21-14 buffleheads-kab Buffleheads in Mere Point Bay 12-21-14

On the first day of winter I took a walk to Mere Point Boat Launch. Gray skies predominated the landscape, and though it was cold, I bundled up and enjoyed my walk.

2. 12-21-14 bittersweet berries-kab A tangle of bittersweet vines was visible as I started down the road. I knew that later in the season these would be frequented by robins and waxwings. However, I never would have thought I would see an Eastern Bluebird feeding here on February of this year, my first sighting of that species at this location!

3. 12-21-14 hairy woodpecker-kab But for today, I just watched as a female Hairy Woodpecker chipped away at an insect infested tree trunk!

4. 12-21-14 bcch-kab Below the woodpecker a black-capped chickadee foraged in the brush.

5. 12-21-14 RTHA first sighting-kab As I neared the boat launch I sighted a red-tailed hawk!

Though I had seen many hawks fly over my yard, this was the first time I had seen a Red-tail at the boat launch!

6. 12-21-14 SUSC-kab Down in the bay some surf scoters paddled 12-21-14

7. 12-21-14 AMCR pair-kab And while I was watching birds, the crows were watching me!

I have seen crows at the boat launch almost every time I count here!

8. 12-21-14 buffleheads in cove-kab Today the shallow cove was filled with female buffleheads.

9. 12-21-14 COLO-kab While out in deeper water a Common Loon drifted.

10. 12-21-14 ducks landing-kab I heard the whistle of wings as a black duck and a mallard landed in the cove. I counted 24 species of birds here on this winter afternoon. By early January I was back again. I was not here at this time of year last year and I wanted to be sure to get a record of the species that were being seen. I wanted to add some data to the Mere Point Life List on eBird.

January 6th was a gray and dreary day.

11. 1-6-15 eagle-kab A distant immature bald eagle was little more than a fuzzy speck in the sky as it flew ponderously over the bay! The flat gray light made for lousy photos, but I still enjoyed seeing and counting birds.

12. 1-6-15 goldeneyes-kab I spotted a couple of Common Goldeneyes paddling by.

13. buffleheads-kab A few of the buffleheads were still around 1-6-15

January 11, 2015

14. 1-11-15 fox at the boat launch-kabI had barely started down the road when I saw a pair of red foxes crossing the parking lot of the boat launch. I could only get one in the frame as the other was farther ahead and behind a snow bank.

15. 1-11-15 icy bay-kab Sunset on the icy water of Mere Point Bay at 4:27 PM.

All the boats were out of the water by now.

Soon this bay would ice over for good.

16. 1-11-15 birch island-kab I could see a few ducks in the water near Birch Island.

17. 1-11-15 Scaups mere Point Boat launch-kab A small flock of Greater Scaup rode the waves.

18. ducks in flight-kab Other flocks of ducks took to the sky and disappeared towards Simpson’s Point and Middle Bay.

19. 1-11-15 red fox-kab I took my cue from the red fox and headed home.

20. Dec-21-14 crow on the rocks-kab

  American Crow at Mere Point Bay 12-21-14


  1. Brrrr that looks mighty chilly Kathie, you are a hardier soul than I am. The Red Foxes look very fluffy and well fed :)

    1. Celeste, I have no choice. I have to be hardy! I would rather be outside than in, except when it's really cold and the wind is blowing! Brrr! I love to see the foxes!

  2. Heading home. Sensible Fox and sensible Lady.{:))

  3. You had another great day out birding. Loved seeing the Fox against the white snow.

    1. Margaret, I like that picture too, even though the fox was looking away from me. I was so happy to see them as they have not visited my yard for awhile.

  4. That is so cold!!!! Lots of pretty birds though. I'm hoping that cold stays around for a little while.

  5. nice bird shots...especially in the COLD!! i like the hairy woodpecker...the hawk in flight & the foxes!!

  6. Hi Kathie. An excellent round up of your winter birding.

    I hope the anticipated storms don't keep you inside for too long and the fun will definitely begin when the migrants start arriving. Stay warm and safe.


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