Monday, December 14, 2015

In the Realm of the Winter Wren

In the dark forest

in the thick trees

in the deep shadows

a small creature moves

and all you observe

is a tiny brown blur

 until it hopes up on a stump

its tiny tail cocked

and gives you an inquisitive eye

while you pause in your tracks

in the soft forest duff

you know you are in a magical place

with ferns growing thick

around uprooted trees

the home of this "cave dweller"

and you should be pleased

it is a blessing from Nature herself

to enter the Realm of this little brown elf!

These images were captured at the 

in Harpswell, Maine on September 20, 2015


  1. Gorgeous little bird, lovely wooded scenery, wonderful lighting and the poem was very special. Thanks Kathie!

  2. What a magical little bird in such a beautiful place!


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