Sunday, December 6, 2015

Skolfield Shores

1. DSC_0959 Skolfield Shores 9-14-2015
September 14, 2015: Ever since moving to Harpswell I have made it my mission to take advantage of the time I have here and explore the area. One of the places I was able to hike and bird at before hunting season started was Skolfield Shores. It is a nature preserve off Route 123 in Harpswell. I had driven by the parking lot several times, but finally pulled in and parked on September 14th. There is a lot more to the preserve but I only took the short hike to the shore to see what I could see. I knew that shorebirds were migrating back then and was hoping I would see some. The trail led me through a yard and past houses and down through some trees, before opening up into a meadow and emerging at the shore.
2. Middle Bay-0955 From there I had a marvelous view of the Middle Bay.

3. greater yellowlegs-kab And I did find a greater yellowlegs searching for prey on the shore!

4. little trail-kab It was low tide, so I was able to walk out on this little path to those rocks.

5. north up the cove-kab This is the view looking north up Middle Bay.

6. across the bay-kab Somewhere on that side is Barnes Landing!

7. great blue heron-kab Just before I left, a Great Blue Heron flew in to fish the shoreline.
Then it was time to turn back and climb the stairs into the woods and across the meadow on my return trip. I have not been back since. During hunting season I was afraid to go into the woods for fear of getting shot, but now that hunting season is over I hope to go exploring again. I did not think I would have this opportunity, but we are having such mild weather that I may still be able to do it! We have not had any snow yet here in Harpswell, so I feel I am being given a gift. I just have to get used to going out birding in the middle of the day since it gets dark by 4:30 PM!
8. stairs-kab


  1. Beautiful nature photos Kathie! I'm wary of hunters too since I've been pelted by birdshot in the past.

    1. Thanks, Larry. I've been offline for awhile but am finally back to blogging!

  2. Hello, Kathie! Lovely post and images. It looks like a great place to go birding. Happy Monday, enjoy your new week!

  3. Super photos Kathie and how lovely to be able to explore a new area. Always fun doing that. Wishing you many new adventures.

  4. What a pretty place that is! I have been trying to get that close to a heron for years.


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