Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Feeder Birds: Attack of the Grackles!


I awoke on a rainy October morning to find my yard invaded by the common grackle!  They were everywhere!  Still half asleep and groggy from being sick I went to grab my camera only to discover the battery was dead.  I fumbled with the spare battery and camera as I rushed to change it so I could capture this event in megapixels. I had not seen any grackles here before and quite frankly, they have not been back since, but this morning I was thrilled to see them and I counted close to 100 birds as they covered my lawn and attacked my feeder. Some of the photos are blurry due to shooting through a window on a rainy day and partly due to my excitement. Yes, of course I thought of Alfred Hitchcock’s classic movie THE BIRDS and believe me it felt a little bit like that but, I was safely inside the house though still fighting the flu. I suppose these photos sort of portray how I was feeling, a little off center and unbalanced!


Common Grackle 10-27-10

Species Common Grackle
Location Andover, MA (yard )
First sighting at this location 10-27-10
Kathiesbirds Life Bird #12 Date: 3-15-1978
First Sighting Location Jewett City, CT


Views through my kitchen window 10-27-10DSC_0020


This day inspired me to write this poem:

 I Got Lost in my Day Today


I hope to continue “Feeder Birds” as a feature each week with a graph showing when and where the bird was first sighted here in Andover and for my Life List. I will alternate with birds seen at the bog sometimes in a post I will probably call “Bog Birds.” Who knows where this will go, but I like the format.



  1. What a nightmare Kathie,
    still as long as you got out of the shower OK and still alive. {:)

  2. I haven't seen a lot of grackles here this fall but when they do drop by they come in hordes! I bet they'll return next spring. :)

  3. That's a huge gaggle of grackles. Rather pretty, but aren't they very noisy. Reminds me of the mass gatherings of quail.

  4. Lucky you, no, not about the flu but having all these friends drop in. In such numbers they probably ate you out of house and home but the thrill of having such an invasion of beauty amply compensated for that. Love the shot from above where you see the shimmer of their plumage.

    Get well soon, I wondered about the infrequency of your posts.

    Love . . . Arija

  5. We get vast flocks of Grackles here in the winter. They are very impressive when they fly up from the fields and stream in great numbers to their night roosts. You did a great job capturing their intense yellow eyes and irridescent color. I hope you're feeling better soon!

  6. Well now I know where all my grackles disappeared to, they all flew up north! Feel better soon Kathie.

  7. I like the poem.It looks like your are settling in and starting to get excited about what new direction you will take your birding and blogging in for the upcoming year.

  8. Hey everyone! Still coughing up a storm up here. Don't know what's up but it sure makes me tired. I'm still plugging along trying to get things done and go birding inbetween. I hope to feel better soon. I've tried everything except a trip to the doctor's! Time to give in and go I guess.

    Thank you all for stopping by.


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