Friday, November 5, 2010

Oak Tree Sky


So often when people extol the wonders of autumn in New England they extol the virtues of the sugar maple, and rightfully so, but the mighty oak has nothing to be ashamed of either as these photos of the oak trees outside my office window show. I took this series of shots on October 31st while sitting at my desk writing. I have a window to the left of me and this is what I see, while straight ahead is a set of windows out which I can see one of my two bird feeding stations. It’s a pretty sweet setup. The leaves are falling swiftly now and will soon be gone, but for now I will enjoy my Oak Tree Sky!




Skywatch Friday!



  1. very nice post - growing up with oaks, their downside is the volume of leaves they drop :)

  2. Beautiful pictures. We do not have many oaks in our area, but they are one of the few trees right now with leaves remaining.

  3. This is a beautiful golden oak sky, you have a wonderful sight from your office!
    Have a nice week

  4. The might oak, you've taken some terrific shots to show off how beautiful it is Kathie. Have a great weekend.

  5. That should have read the mighty oak - oh well, back to the drawing board ;(

  6. Wonderful photos, Kathie! The oaks are looking gorgeous there.

  7. I very much like your eastern fall oak skies.

  8. The color of the oak leaves is beautifully vibrant. What a wonderful view out your window.

  9. Although I love a variety of trees dearly, nothing exceeds the oak in my esteem.
    Beautiful photos of your golden oaks.


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