Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Feeder Birds: House Finch

DSC_0032  Male House Finch 10-29-10

Species #20 House Finch
Location Andover, MA (yard )
First sighting at this location 10-29-10
Kathiesbirds Life Bird #20 Date: 5-26-1985
First Sighting Location Brooklyn, CT

Note: Life Bird number and species location list number are purely coincidence!



  1. Good morning Kathie, lovely photos of this darling little Finch. They have been visiting me frequently but I haven't been able to get a decent photo. Have a great day.

  2. Lovely photos. I love the details you put into the listing. I started out like that, but ran out of energy.

  3. Very nice capture. Saw a House finch this morning on my feeder, but no good windows to take pics from.

  4. Another beautiful little bird Kathie.
    More to come I think.

  5. Nice photo Kathie-you really captured that red at a good angle. I like the way you have your statistics set up. It reminds me of one of those investigative shows where you hear the typing sounds as they print out the details of the case on the screen.

  6. Denise, this one was just a foot outside my kitchen window. The only obstruction was the window pane, AND, I had to be careful not to scare the birds away!

    forestal, I hope to keep it up!

    Gaelyn, you live where they are native. These in the east have spread from their original homes! It seems they are quite adaptive! I believe they had a bit of human help in their eastward journy however.

    Roy, I hope so!

    Larry, well, I hope to mix science with poetry and artistry. I always like a good story you know!


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