Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Bucksport Bridge (MWT)

DSC_0001 Bucksport Bridge, Bucksport, Maine 6-10-11

Gus and I just returned from a weekend spent in Acadia National Park where we celebrated our 34th anniversary. We were married on June 4, 1977. After the wedding we gathered up al the loose envelopes from the pile of gifts and jumped in our Volkswagen bug and headed north. As Gus drove I opened the envelopes to see how far we could go! we made it all the way to Acadia National Park and across the state of Maine then, down through New Hampshire. In all these years we have never gone back to the park to stay though we did make at least one or two day trips. So, I was very excited to go and to get there we had to follow route 3 from Augusta, ME and cross this magnificent bridge. What a sight! I know Gus got some even better photos which I hope to post soon, but here is the first peek at our fun weekend! And yes, I did count birds here but only saw a couple of species! More later. Enjoy!

DSC_0002 The new Bucksport Bridge with the old one in the background.

DSC_0004 View of Penobscot Bay

DSC_0006 Green and gray the Maine way.

DSC_0009 Blue Penobscot Bay!

And that’s…My World Tuesday


  1. Great photos. Love the gray and green.

  2. Congrats on your 34th Anniversary. I will turn 34 in August - so if you remember the day Elvis died, that was the day I was born. I hope that doesn't make you feel too old! That is one sweet looking bridge.

  3. Congratulations on you 34th, Kathie.
    Lovely scenery in these photos.
    Ahm! you counted birds on an occasion like this.{:)

  4. How nice to return to Acadia for your anniversary. A park that is on my list. Interesting bridge.

  5. Congratulations on your 34th anniversary! What a glorious scenic drive. Your images are especially beautiful! Awesome blues and greens.

  6. Katnell, you would love this ride on Rt. 3 to Acadia. It would make a great motorcycle trip! I'm just sayin'!

    Troy, so do I!

    Birding is Fun, you would so love it out here! No, it does not make me feel old, but you are just a year older than my oldest son! It's my body that makes me feel old sometimes!

    Roy, thank you and yes. My husband is so patient with me and he was busy taking photos too! I hope to post some of his soon. Busy week ahead with my daughter flying in tomorrow and a big 75th birthday party for my Mom on Saturday.

    Gaelyn, you so need to come. What a contrast to the Grand Canyon and the desert! come in early June if you can or after Labor Day when the tourist have slowed down.

    Julie G, thank you so much!


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