Friday, June 10, 2011

Harrisville Sky (SWF)

1, harrisville church-kab Harrisville, NH Church taken with the Nikon D80 and the 70-300mm lens

On May 6, 2011 I took a trip with my mother to Harrisville, NH to visit her friend. While there I counted birds and took numerous photos. I used two  different cameras. I am posting two of the photos here for comparison. I liked the color and the composition in both.


2. Harrisville chuch and graveyard-kab Harrisville Church taken with Nikon Coolpix S4000

Recently we bought a Nikon Coolpix S4000 so that we could take snapshots more easily. The Coolpix is small and slim and easy to carry. for me, it also means that I can get landscape shots without having to change the lens all the time on my D80. I like to have it at the ready for bird shots and when Gus is not with me to take all the landscape photos, the Coolpix comes in handy. Both these photos were taken on the same day at the same time. You can easily see the difference.

Happy Skywatch Friday!


  1. Both are really great photos, nicely done. If I hadn’t seen the top shot first, I would have been completely satisfied with the pic from the S4000. I also notice that while looking at the bottom photo, I am left with the feeling that I want to get around that corner and closer to the church. Thanks for sharing both, it was fun to compare and contrast.


  2. Wow - Love these pictures! Especially that first one!

  3. Very picturesque and New England like. I like.

  4. Both photos are lovely, but I have to admit I like the first one better! Just the way the church is rising out of the hill!

  5. It's beautiful!! Love the scenery. Happy weekend!


  6. The pocket compacts are now so very versatile ... I carry one most of the time for the same reason.
    Have a great weekend Kathie.

  7. Kathie, your photos are so beautiful. I do so love the New England states.

    Can you take videos with your D80?? I have the D 40 and am looking fore something that I can take videos and record bird-song with. I cannot lug something really heavy around with me because of my heart but would love to have something that I can get better bird shots with. Cam you help?

  8. Beautiful skies and scenery, Kathie!


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