Sunday, December 21, 2014

Bowdoinham Birds

1. sunset on the Cathance-kab Sunset on the Cathance River 10-9-14

October 9, 2014: Back in October I started using Gus’ Nikon D90. I took it along with me to volunteer at the Friends of Merrymeeting Bay office. When I was done I walked to the edge of the Cathance River at Mailly Waterfront Park in Bowdoinham, Maine. A cold wind was blowing in off the water and with the sinking sun, there were few birds. But the autumn scenery was beautiful and I did follow the rattle call of a Belted Kingfisher until I found the bird.

2. cormorant on branch-kab If you look closely you can see a dark shape on a branch overhanging the river. That shape is a double-crested cormorant!


3. bridge-kab Bridge on Route 24 over the Cathance River.

I drove over this bridge on my way there and my way back home again.

The Cathance River is one of the five rivers that flow into Merrymeeting Bay.

4. kingfisher-kab Search these bushes like I did to see if you can find the Belted Kingfisher!


5. flying-kab Belted Kingfisher flying over the Cathance River!

I like places like this where I can stop briefly and do a bird count, but I have not been back up this way since the day I was here, and no one else has counted birds here yet. Perhaps I will get a chance to visit here again next year.

6. boat and bird-kab Kingfisher and boats on the Cathance River.


  1. You do get some lovely colours and scenes in your walks and drives. Remember days like this when you're recovering. Well done in capturing the flying Kingfisher too.

    1. Thanks Happy Wanderer. I will remember this and many other birding adventures!

  2. The Kingfisher is one of my many favorite birds.. Looks like a pretty spot for birding..Have a great day and happy birding.

  3. Beautiful colours and reflections. Have a great Sunday.

  4. I like the mood of the lighting and blend of colors. Belted kingfishers drive me crazy.One minute they're perched on a branch out in the open but immediately take off when I touch my camera.


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