Saturday, March 14, 2015

Notes from my Nest: It’s a Gray Day in Maine

1. 3-23-14 DSC_0066 rbgu wharton point-kab I photographed these Ring-billed Gulls just about a year ago at Wharton point in Maine shortly after we moved here. My Birding is Fun blogpost is up with photos of some of the

Spring Birds in Maine

So far the only “spring birds” I have seen are starlings in the yard!

2. 3-14-15 gray day-cell pic Meanwhile, this gray and dreary day has made me pensive, and so I wrote a poem which is also posted on Kathie’s Poet Tree:

Gray Day

Looking out the window panes

On a gray landscape;

Gray squirrels playing on gray tree trunks,

Gray sky waiting

Steel clouds billow and flatten

Dove skies bleed

Drops of liquid silver

Dull earth waits for water it cannot absorb

Gray birds sing in wet trees

Late winter rain turns gently to snow

And paints the world in white despair again.

Kathie Adams Brown (March 14, 2015)


  1. Lovely photos and poem, Kathie -- I hope you get some sun soon!

    1. Thanks Prairie Birder! We have had some sun and even some melting but now a storm has rolled back in. I know it will not last, but it does make me pensive and thoughtful.

  2. I love your poem. Surely soon you will see the sun and spring

    1. Margaret, I am so ready for spring and to see the bays thaw and the birds return!

  3. Lovely poem. I do hope your weather improves and Spring comes soon for you Kathie.


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