Tuesday, March 17, 2015

To Reach for the Sky

1. Cave creek canyon 10-5-13 donna simonetti photgrapher

What joy it is to reach for the sky

Arms open wide

to receive all there is,

or to celebrate

and cheer

With elation.

happy 11-24-13-Chris R pic

These arms of mine

So taken for granted

Are essential things

I use them every day—in so many ways;

to hug, to reach, to grasp,

to perform essential tasks!

me 3-2-13 by Chris Rohrer

How wondrously and marvelously made we are,

Birthed into this world, perfectly formed,

We crawl and walk and run through life

Arms outstretched and open wide

triumph in AZ 3-24-13-chris rohrer pic

As if we were always born to fly.

By Kathie Adams Brown (March 15, 2015)

DSC_0635 sandhill cranes whitewater draw-gusto

Sandhill Cranes at Whitewater Draw in Arizona, 2-22-2008

6. TUVU Yuma-kab Turkey Vulture, Yuma, AZ 11-22-2012

7. Osprey Falmouth, ME Osprey, Falmouth, ME 8-7-2012

8. Wild goose 3 Canada Goose Andover, MA 10-13-2010

9. NOHA Bosque del apache-kab Northern Harrier, Bosque del Apache, NM 11-5-2012

10. mountain bluebird az-kab Mountain Bluebird, Three Points, AZ 10-31-2009

11. greer, az 8-3-13 Chris R photographer


  1. Wonderful flight shots. Now I thought at the moment you could not raise you arm above your head! Are you all better now? Good news if that is true. Happy St Patrick's day

    1. Margaret, these are al previous photos of me from various years and locations. I still cannot raise my left arm over my head but I am making progress.

  2. great post!! arms open wide & ready to fly...like the birds!!
    love all your 'free bird' shots!! :)

  3. I can tell you are more than ready to reach for the sky, if only you could right now! Hang in there! Hope you PT goes well today!

    1. Kathryn, PT went very well, though I still can't fly yet!

  4. Super series of images Kathie.

    I can only imagine the frustration of having a damaged wing so I'm just hoping you will get full use back sooner rather than later.

    1. Frank, me too, though I do believe there will some pain and stretching involved!

  5. Wonderful post and photos, Kathie! Happy healing!

  6. Well articulated! You'll be as good as new in no time!


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