Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Saying Good-bye to Moosehead Lake

1. 5-2-15 Rockwood waterfront Mount Kineo as seen from the Rockwood Waterfront 5-2-15

We only spent about 24 hours in Piscataquis County around Moosehead Lake, but I feel we saw and did so much. We crammed every minute full and left the next afternoon satisfied, yet I am still longing to return again to see what else there is to see!

2. 5-2-15 Greenville Inn porch We stayed at the Greenville Inn

3. 5-3-15a The Greenville Inn It sits on a hill overlooking the town.

4. 5-2-15 Greenville Inn Window We passed this stained glass window on our way to our room.


5. 5-3-15 Lace curtains We had lace curtains on our bedroom windows framing the view outside.


6. 5-3-15 bird tile I even found birds on the wall tiles in the bathroom!


7. 5-2-15 car and kineo Gus’s car and Mount Kineo had the same shape.


8. 5-2-15 Mt. Kineo view Beautiful Mount Kineo!

I need to come back in the summer and take the ferry ride over to the State Park!

9. the depot-kab We stopped by this old train depot on our way back to Greenville.


10. save the depot-kab Sadly, it does not look like much has been donated to save it.


11. EAPH-kab I did find an Eastern Phoebe by the depot though!

After we visited Lily Bay State Park we were hungry, so we went to the local grocery store to buy pizza!

12. sign in store Greenville ME 5-2-15 We saw this sign over the door after we were inside!


13. eating pizza at Jamiesons 5-2-15 Gus sitting and waiting for the pizza. We ate it here in this little store.


14. Moonlit night 5-2-15 The almost full moon was glowing over the streets of Greenville, Maine when we were done.

15. the Inn at night 5-2-15 The lights of the Greenville Inn were glowing when we returned!


16. view of Greenville from porch-kabI was up at dawn the next morning counting birds around the property at the Greenville Inn! Between the two days, I counted 18 species at this location.


17. dining room atGreenville Inn 5-3a Gus and I dined in the dining room for breakfast!


18. Greenville Inn We took one last look before we said good-bye!

After our morning trip up to Lily Bay State Park, we stopped on the main street for coffee, then walked to the waterfront to see the old Katahdin Boat.

19. The Katahdin in Greenville 5-3-15 The Historic Katahdin “Kate”

20. gull on ice-kab Herring Gull on ice in Greenville, ME 5-3-15


21. immature bald eagle-kab Immature Bald Eagle flies over my head in Greenville, ME 5-3-15

This was the last bird I saw before we left town!




  1. It looks a lovely place to exploe and a beautiful place you stayed at. glad you saw the Eastern Phoebe.

  2. What a beautiful area. I can tell you had a great time...:)

  3. This looks like a fantastic place to visit. I love that tile! I'm kinda wanting to take it slower again and do the bed and breakfast kinda birding:) the enjoyable kind of birding!


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