Friday, July 31, 2015

Notes from My Nest: Ready to Move

1. mailbox We are into our final week here at Mere Point and the packing has begun. While I have removed our name from the mailbox I am still feeding and counting birds. It has been hazy, hot, and humid around here for the past week or so, which makes it hard to sit outside since there is no porch here. The mornings are damp with dew and by the time the sun burns the damp off the table it is too hot to sit outside. Still, I watch the birds from inside while I move about the house, cleaning and packing. 2. flowers by drivewayIt has been a long time since I have had to pack myself and move. I must admit that I am spoiled in this regards as my husband’s company usually sends packers and movers to do it all for us. But this is not a company move and we have to do it ourselves. Thankfully I have great kids who live nearby and are willing to help. We have rented a truck for the day and hope it will take just one load to go from here to there.

I must admit that I hate clutter, and so most of my energy so far has been focused on the basement where I do not have to look at the boxes and bins I have packed. But it can’t stay like this forever and with only one week to go, I have moved the packing to upstairs.

3. bins These are the bins we have already packed.


4. boxes to fillThese are the boxes waiting to be filled! Breezy Boy is not concerned at all, as you can see! All those books have to come off the shelves, go into boxes, and come back out again. My daughter and I took all the artwork down earlier this week and packed it away for 9 months. We are in a unique situation as we will be renting someone’s summer home for only 9 months, so the house comes furnished. Most of our stuff will have to be stored until we find a permanent place to live. We would like to go back to Tucson and we tired to make that happen this time around but the job did not come through, so here were are, wondering what to do with ourselves.

5. lack of artwork The walls looks so bare and cold without artwork on them.

I will not be displaying any of my art in the new house we are renting since it is only a temporary place until we figure things out. We could decide to stay in Maine as well. I just know that I want my own house again!

6. empty mantle All the paintings and other stuff is off the mantle as well. It was fun to decorate this mantle at Christmastime. It was just a pity that the fireplace could not be used. But there is hope ahead. Our new landlord sent me a photo of a robin’s nest beneath the deck he is rebuilding. He texted me wanting to know what to do about it. I know he needs to get the deck rebuilt as he is leaving in two weeks and cannot wait, so I told him he could try to move it safely to a new location. He sent me a photo of the lovely eggs in the nest, then the next thing I know he texts me to say the chicks have hatched! I asked him if he moved the nest and he tells me, no. He is building around it instead!

7. signs of hope Robin’s Eggs in Nest at our new rental house!

A sign of Hope!

I was in a bit of a funk about all of this a couple of weeks ago, and couldn’t seem to pull myself out of the doldrums, so I did what I often do, I wrote a poem. You can read it on Kathie’s Poet Tree. It is called The Fog of Summer. Just know that I am feeling better now.


  1. Hi Kathie. When I see what we have stored n our loft I certainly wouldn't relish a move at short notice. I hope all goes well over the coming days.

    Your new landlord seems very considerate towards wildlife, so that can only be good. Very much enjoyed your poem.

  2. Hello Kathie, I hope you enjoy your new nest. Even if it is only temporary. I hope the move goes smoothly! Happy Birding!

  3. Yet another of life's little hiccups! Hang in there!

  4. It sounds like you have made peace with your immediate future. I wish you the very best. I know it will all work out for you. You have a great attitude and adaptability.

  5. Hi Kathie

    I am hoping this will be the start of something wonderful and with 9 months you can find the perfect situation and your own nest.

    All the best.


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