Sunday, November 8, 2015

Back to Harpswell

1. 10-29-15 stormy skies at Mitchell Field Stormy skies at Mitchell Field 10-29-2015

It has been a busy 3 weeks for me. I have been to Colorado and back, and to Connecticut and back. In both places I saw friends and family. In both places I counted birds! When I left for Colorado I was at 183 species of birds for the year, far behind what would be normal for me, but this year has been like no other since having surgery last Christmas, then dislocating my shoulder in January and going through 6 months of physical therapy which took up most of my time and left little time for chasing birds. Still, I have managed to squeeze in birding here and there and with my trip to Colorado I was hoping to add enough species to go over the 200 mark. Alas, while I came close, I am still two species away from the 200 mark at 198 species for the year.

I made it to 197 by the time I left Colorado, but added American Widgeon at Plum Island on Friday where I stopped briefly to watch birds. I have not seen an American Widgeon since January 28, 2014 in Arizona right before we moved away.

15. 10-28-15 Gray squirrel in window feeder Naughty gray squirrel in my window feeder 10-28-15

In the week that I was gone to Colorado most of the leaves turned brown and fell off the trees. The oaks were turning rust and mustard by then, but now even they are dropping from the trees. Soon it will look like winter and we will be glad of the blanket of white to hide this barren landscape.

3. 10-20-15 Mathew Reeser bird sanctuary Estes Park, CO 10-20-2015

Being in Colorado was such an eye opener for me. I have not lived there since 1996 and I have not visited since 2012. Being in Longmont and Estes Park reaffirmed my love of the mountains and the west. It is the place where my heart feels most at home. Some people are drawn to the ocean, and indeed I am thankful for this chance to live on the coast for now, but I love the mountains. I will always be a mountain girl!

While in Colorado, my aging zoom lens failed on the last night there. I am currently using Gus’ 18 to 200 mm lens on the D90 while I decide what to do about the camera situation. I am trying to decide if I should just get a new lens, or a whole new camera, since I find the D90 quite heavy to haul around. I already notice the difference in the weight of the shorter lens, but it does not zoom in as far on the birds, so they must be must closer to me for even a decent picture.

4. 11-2-15 Mom Mom

I spent  last week in Connecticut so I could take my mom to get her other cataract removed. She is looking well and her hair is finally growing in after her chemo earlier this year for her second battle with breast cancer. Mom loves to do puzzles.

11-3-15 breakfast with the birds in mom's backyard Breakfast with the birds in Mom's backyard.

While there I counted birds in her yard and anywhere else I could, including going to Harkness Memorial Park while she had her surgery done since it was only 15 minutes away from the surgical center! While there all was peaceful and serene and I counted 15 species of birds, including my first Laughing Gulls for New London County!

11-5-15 rocky shore at harkness memorial SP The rocky shore at Harkness Memorial Park in Connecticut.

I must say that in my current situation, I kind of feel lost. My heart feels torn, for I love my family and I love being near them, but I miss the west. I miss having my own “Nest.”

16. 10-29-15 Sunset scene 2 Mitchell field Sunset at Mitchell Field 10-29-15

Still, the beauty of nature surrounds me and I feel thankful for all the different places I have lived in my life and all the people I have met, with many becoming my dear friends. Who knows where we will end up, but for now, I am trying to enjoy the ride and be thankful for all that I have, and all that I have seen! There will be more photos and birds to come, but I just wanted to get caught up!

17. 10-29-15 Sunset at Mitchell field Sunset at Mitchell Field 10-29-15


  1. Well you certainly have seen and lived in ifferent parts of your country but one always has a favourite but it is good to be grateful for all the beautiful is around u whereever we are. Jusst 2 more birds to meet your target. I don't have any target in bird counts i just enjoy the birds as they turn up. I think you have done very well this year especially when you have had health issues. Your Mum is looking so well and happy

    1. Margaret, thank you. It is good to see her smiling and I was happy to be able to get out and bird. I always do enjoy them, even as I count them!

  2. Hello Kathie, I hope your Mom's surgery went well. The sunset shot is stunning. Estes Park and Colorado are lovely places to visit. Happy Birding, enjoy your day!

  3. Kathie, it has been far too long that I visit your blog. You certainly are on the move! So pleased that all went well for your mother how blessed to have her but you know that. Darn those squirrels they have their noses where it does NOT belong! I appreciate your visit to my blog and catching up on what has happened. Blessings to you ant to your precious mother.

    1. Thank you, Nature Girl. It is good to hear from you again.And, Yes, we are always on the move.

      I think squirrels are cute. I just don't want them gobbling up all my expensive seed!

      Thanks again.

  4. That's a lovely photo of your Mom Kathie and I do like her shirt :) All the best of good health to her. Enjoyed your photos today, and also enjoyed the squirrel at the window feeder and all that pretty scenery.

    1. Thank you Denise. More birdy photos are coming!

  5. May you end up where your heart takes you! Being from the south, having lived in CO since 1986, I know there isn't any place I would rather be. I would have loved to meet you in Estes, I live in Loveland. Maybe on your next visit. Beautiful photos and words as usual!


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