Friday, April 13, 2012

Muskrat at the Bog

1. Muskrat-kab Muskrat at the Stirling Street Bog 4-10-12

Tuesday was a birdy day for me since I counted birds while doing errands in New Hampshire, and then came home and took a walk down to the bog. It has been a week since I counted birds here and I wanted to see what was happening.

2. Tuesday evening bog-kab It is a warm and calm evening as I arrive at the edge of the bog in full birding regalia with my vest over my shirt, my birding hat on, camera at my side and binoculars on a harness around my chest. I am lost in the world of birds, scanning water, sky and brush, listening to the cacophony of blackbirds as they prepare to settle in for the night. Suddenly a different sound permeates my brain in spite of the clacks, clicks and whistles of grackles and red-winged blackbirds. It is a voice soft and sweet with the high thin notes of a pre-pubescent child. The voice does not sound mean or mocking, but rather, In a sing-song voice this is what I heard: “Bird watcher, bird, bird watcher. Bird watcher, bird, bird watcher!” as I stand there and listen I slowly turn and look over my shoulder. In the field behind me and across the road I se three young boys playing catch with a baseball and gloves. I do not know which one was singing, but I smile to myself and turn back to my birds all aglow. I’ll take that label any day! Birdwatcher I am!

3. goose-kab I find a Canada Goose picking among the reeds…

4. heron-kab I spot a heron out in the swamp wading and hunting for food…

5. mallards-kab On a nearby log a pair of mallards are soaking up the last rays of the setting sun,

6. hole-kab And then I spot this hole near the bank. Who lives here?

7. Muskrat-kab It isn’t long before the occupant returns home!

8. swimming-kab The muskrat heads for shore…

9. closer-kab then ducks under a log and emerges again even closer to the den.

10. land ho-kab It climbs out onto the bank with something red in its mouth.

11. watching-kab After a quick look at me where I am standing breathless and still …

12. blur-kab It darts for its hole in a blur…

13. dive in-kab and disappears into its den! I thought I could hear little voices squeaking from inside. I hope there will be little ones and that they will live to swim in the waters of the Stirling Street bog.

14. forsythia-kab Forsythia at the edge of the bog 4-10-12

So…I am not just a Birdwatcher, I am also a Wildlife Watcher as well!


  1. Charming! Though, I must admit, when I see Muskrats they seem kinda icky to me.
    All the same, a very cool observation and series of photos.

  2. What a tremendous weries of photos!! You were certainly in the right place at the right time!! Well done!

  3. Laurence, I think most rats are icky also but this one is so darn cute!

    KaHolly, I was just thrilled to witness this!

  4. Wonderful series of photos! I always thought they put their entrance hole under water.

  5. How wonderful that the boys recognized your breed.

    Very cool to see the muskrat.

  6. You captured a lot of different birds today, but the musrat shots with the blue, blue water are wonderful.

  7. I like those extra treats, when I see a creature I hadn't been looking for. We go out quietly glad for whatever gifts nature gives us.

  8. That little Muskrat sure is a cute little guy! Beautiful bird captures as well!

  9. What a nice series of muskrat photos. I enjoy watching them and their busy ways.

  10. Such a wonderful place. I was amazed the muskrat let you be so near. Great photos and I love the forsythia.

  11. Now I cant get the muskrat love song out of my head. ha! Great shots of the critter!

  12. Hi Kathie

    What a wonderful post, the photos are lovely and the Muskrat what a wonder. You captured it so beautifully. I will have to keep my eyes open when I go to the cabin in May and see who I can see.



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