Thursday, April 26, 2012

Goose Flight Sky

1. Canada goose DSC_0067 Canada Goose in flight at Sacred Heart Park, Andover, MA 4-26-12

I was down at the park again this morning hoping to find some warblers or something but nothing new showed up. However, as I was standing by the river I heard the distinct honking of a goose in flight, so I readied my camera and looked in the direction of the sound. As the goose came flying over the treetops in a cloudless blue sky I followed it with my camera until it was gone. You can see additional photos of geese in flight in the post below when I went birding at the bog earlier this week when we Finally got Some Rain. Happy Skywatch Friday and don’t forget to click on the links!

2. Canada Goose DSC_0068 

3. Canada goose DSC_0069 

4. Canada goose DSC_0070

Skywatch Friday 


  1. You are superb at tracking the birds. Great shot against that deep blue sky.

  2. Flying looks fun. It seems like a lot of times it causes Geese stress. I guess they are heavier birds though.

  3. Always lovely to see Geese in flight Kathie. Great shots.

  4. These shots are so beautiful. Great captures!

  5. Beautiful shot and wonderful colors! Have a great week!

  6. Hi Kathie

    Great shots of the goose.



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