Wednesday, December 4, 2013

A Peek at Cave Creek Canyon

1. NOCA-kab Northern Cardinal Juvenile 10-3-13

Back at the beginning of October I took a trip to Portal overnight to spend some time birding with my friends Cynthia White and Donna Simonetti. I also got to meet Linda Rockwell for the first time. While these girls had been birding and partying all week long, I was only there for the last night and the next morning. Still, we had a great time and Donna and I saw lots of birds and watched the stars! I have more stories and photos to share but I just wanted to tempt you with a little peek at what’s ahead! This little juvenile male cardinal was hiding in the bushes near Cave Creek Ranch where we went Thursday night and Friday morning to watch birds and wildlife at the feeders.

2. creek-kab Donna and I went hiking up the south fork but we did not see any trogons!

3. cliffs-kabThe next morning we drove up through Cave Creek Canyon and we struck birding gold! More later…


  1. Pretty Cardinal! Looking forward to hearing about your striking gold with the birds. Happy Birding, Kathie!

  2. It will be interesting to see more of your adventures in the Cave Creek area.

  3. Great shot of the Cardinal and to see your adventures in Cave Creek


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