Saturday, December 7, 2013

I Married a Gypsy Man

1. us-kab Kathie, Gus and Natalie Christmas 2012

I married a gypsy man. I didn’t know that 36 years ago when we walked down the grassy path of our outdoor wedding. Perhaps I shouldn’t have used John Denver’s song, “Follow me where I go what I do and who I know…” as the song we walked off together as husband and wife, because I have been following him all over the country since then!

2. goofy-kab Gus goofing off at the Phoenix Art Museum on my birthday in February 2012


3. being dad-kabGus gives Randy a kiss the night before Renee’s Wedding Nov. 2012

4. proud papa-kab Gus walking his daughter down the hill for her Rocky Mountain Wedding November 3, 2012. What a proud papa!

5. my hero-kab Gus carrying my new scope for me on our trip to the Salton Sea!


6. hat-kab Gus in his hat!

Today is his birthday!

Happy Birthday Gus!

Thanks for a Lifetime of Adventures!

I’ll follow you any day!

7. my boys-kab All my boys!

And I am still following him!

Yes, we are about to move again!

The photo below is a hint, but to get the full story, click on over to

Birding is Fun

Just When I thought I Was Snuggling In

8. acadia np-kab Do you know where this picture was taken?


  1. Happy Birthday to Gus! He shares his birthday with my son, Brian who is 21 today! I have a feeling you will be happy wherever Gus is! Have a happy weekend.

    1. Eileen, you are so right about that! Happy birthday to your son as well. 21 is a big one!

  2. Happy Birthday Gus./
    Hey Kathie, was there something psychological meaning photographing Gus behind bars.{:))

    1. Roy, LOL! It was his idea to go in there in the first place! You made me smile!

  3. I don't know where you're going, but it's sure to be fun... Happy Birthday to Gus!

    1. Odd Essay, if you followed the link to Birding is Fun you would have read my fun answer, but we are going to Maine! and thank you!

  4. Great birthday tribute. Happy birthday, Gus! You get to live in the most beautiful and interesting places!

  5. It's interesting to see your family, Kathie.

  6. Happy Birthday Gus!
    Oh wow, I can't believe you're moving again. Sure glad we got to meet last summer.

  7. A bit late but Happy Birthday Gus and your heading back East? More adventures ahead :)


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