Wednesday, January 22, 2014

A Cave Creek Adventure Day 2 Morning

1. Cave Creek Ranch-kab Cave creek Ranch, Portal, AZ 10-4-2013

Back in October of last year I took a trip to Portal, AZ to spend some time with friends and bird one of my favorite places in Arizona. I was only able to spend one night with these gals but I had a great time. Early on the morning of October 4th donna and I woke early and were out the door watching birds as the sun rose, but soon we had to pack things up. Cynthia had to get one the road and soon bid us all good-bye, while Donna, Linda and I went back over to Cave Creek Ranch to watch birds together one last time. For $5 you can sit and watch the birds and wildlife to your heart’s content! Here is just a bit of what we saw.

2. Linda Rockwell-kab Linda watching birds and ready with her camera.


3. donna simonetti-kab Donna keeping her eyes and ears open.

4. NOFL-kab A Northern Flicker

5. MEJA-kab A Mexican Jay

6. NOCA-kab A juvenile male Cardinal

7. RNSA-kab Red-naped Sapsucker

8. MAHU-kab Magnificent Hummingbird

9. NOCA-kab A baby-faced juvenile male Cardinal being coy!

10. Javalina-kab The javalina herd came back to eat.

11. RUHU-kab Rufous Hummingbird

(This is the 2014 ABA Bird of the Year!)

12. BTHU-kab Blue-throated Hummingbird

13. NOCA female-kab Juvenile female Cardinal


14. WWDO-kab A pair of lingering White-winged Doves

15. CBTH-kab Curve-billed Thrasher

16. maghum-kab One Magnificent Hummingbird!

What a good time we had! After this morning at Cave Creek Ranch Linda also left, but Donna and I were not done yet! I didn't drive all this way just to turn around and go home, so Donna and I drove up the canyon to see what we could see. It was so quiet there. This was during that wonderful (sarcasm) government shut down, so all the campgrounds were closed. Autumn is not the prime birding time in Cave Creek Canyon as most of the specialty birds have migrated south, but Donna and I hit pay dirt as you will see in my next post!


  1. Kathie, sounds like you had an awesome time birding with your friends. Wonderful bird sightings and great friends what more could you ask for! Happy Birding!

  2. Love that place....hopefully I'll get to go back down again and find birds:) Pretty pictures. You really got close to those Javelinas:)

    1. Chris, it is an amazing place and I was a bit nervous about the javelinas!

  3. Sounds like a great morning's birding. Having now seen Hummingbirds, I appreciate your photos more!


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