Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Birding is Always Fun in Arizona!

1-7-2014 cacwren saguaro np east-kab

Cactus Wren in Saguaro National Park 3-10-2013

While Arizona boasts so many unique and endemic birds, the bird sound that I most associate with Tucson and the Sonoran Desert is the Cactus Wren, which also happens to be the Arizona State Bird. I have seen so many Arizona rarities and endemics while living here. Photos of some of them are posted today on Birding is Fun so come on over and say good-bye to some Arizona birds with me!


  1. I love that you like a bird with such a big character. I know all the Cactus Wrens around my yard will miss you very much.

  2. The Cactus wren song helped me hike across the canyon.


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