Thursday, May 8, 2014

Comparing My Yard Lists

1. DSC_0110 House finches 2009-kab Sycamore Canyon House Finches in Sycamore Canyon, Corona de Tucson, AZ 2009
Since moving to Maine my yard list has grown faster here than in any other location I have lived. I thought it would be fun to compare the yard lists to see what species I have seen in each yard. I first started eBirding and keeping a Yard List back in 2007 when I lived in Sycamore Canyon. It’s hard to believe it has been 7 years since then and I have moved 3 more times for a total of 4 yard lists! Take a look if you are interested! Bird species seen in only one yard are in color and italics.
Kathie’s Yard Birds Lists
Sycamore Canyon May 2007-August 2010 Andover, MA September 2010-August 2012 Tucson, AZ September 2012-January 2014 Mere Point Cottage  2014-present
1. Gambel’s Quail Canada Goose Gambel’s Quail Canada Goose
2. Turkey Vulture Mallard Great Egret Greater Scaup
3. Northern Harrier Wild Turkey Turkey Vulture Common Eider
4. Sharp-shinned Hawk Great Blue Heron Osprey Bufflehead
5. Cooper’s Hawk Black Vulture Sharp-shinned Hawk Common Goldeneye
6. Harris Hawk Turkey Vulture Cooper’s Hawk Red-breasted Merganser
7. Zone-tailed hawk Sharp-shinned Hawk Harris Hawk Common Loon
8. Red-tailed Hawk Cooper’s Hawk Swainson’s Hawk Double-crested Cormorant
9. Killdeer Red-shouldered Hawk Zone-tailed Hawk Great Blue Heron
10. Rock Pigeon Red-tailed Hawk Red-tailed Hawk Turkey Vulture
11. White-winged Dove Ring-billed Gull Rock Pigeon Osprey
12. Greater Roadrunner Herring Gull Band-tailed Pigeon Cooper’s Hawk
13. Greater Roadrunner Rock Pigeon White-winged Dove Bald Eagle
14. Great Horned Owl Mourning Dove Mourning Dove Red-tailed Hawk
15. Burrowing Owl Black-billed Cuckoo Greater Roadrunner American Woodcock
16. Lesser Nighthawk Eastern Screech Owl Great Horned Owl Herring Gull
17. Common Nighthawk Great Horned Owl Lesser Nighthawk Great Black-backed Gull
18. Magnificent Hummingbird Chimney Swift Vaux’s Swift Mourning dove
19. Black-chinned Hummingbird Ruby-throated Hummingbird Black-chinned Hummingbird Chimney Swift
20. Anna’s Hummingbird Red-bellied Woodpecker Anna’s Hummingbird Red-bellied Woodpecker
21. Costa’s Hummingbird Yellow-bellied Sapsucker Costa’s Hummingbird Downy Woodpecker
22. Broad-tailed Hummingbird Downy Woodpecker Broad-tailed Hummingbird Hairy Woodpecker
23. Rufous Hummingbird Hairy Woodpecker Rufous Hummingbird Northern Flicker
24. Calliope Hummingbird Northern Flicker Broad-billed Hummingbird Eastern Phoebe
25. Broad-billed Hummingbird Eastern Wood Pewee Gila Woodpecker Blue Jay
26. Gila Woodpecker Blue-headed Vireo Ladder-backed Woodpecker American Crow
27. Gilded Flicker Blue Jay American Kestrel Fish Crow
28. American Kestrel American Crow Merlin Common Raven
29. Peregrine Falcon Fish Crow Peregrine Falcon Tree Swallow
30. Say’s Phoebe Common Raven Black Phoebe Black-capped Chickadee
31. Ash-throated Flycatcher Black-capped Chickadee Say’s Phoebe Tufted Titmouse
32. Brown-crested Flycatcher Tufted Titmouse Vermillion Flycatcher Red-breasted Nuthatch
33. Western Kingbird Red-breasted Nuthatch Ash-throated Flycatcher White-breasted Nuthatch
34. Loggerhead Shrike White-breasted Nuthatch Warbling Vireo Brown Creeper
35. Bell’s Vireo Brown Creeper Common Raven Carolina Wren
36. Warbling Vireo House Wren Northern Rough-winged swallow Golden-crowned Kinglet
37. Chihuahuan Raven Carolina Wren Purple Martin Ruby-crowned Kinglet
38. Common Raven Golden-crowned Kinglet Verdin Hermit Thrush
39. Purple Martin Ruby-crowned Kinglet House Wren American Robin
40. Violet-green Swallow Veery Cactus Wren European Starling
41. Barn Swallow Wood Thrush Curve-billed Thrasher Cedar Waxwing
42. Verdin American Robin Northern Mockingbird Black and white Warbler
43. Rock Wren Gray Catbird European starling Northern Parula
44. House Wren Northern Mockingbird Phainopepla Yellow Warbler
45. Bewick’s Wren European Starling Tennessee Warbler Palm Warbler
46. Cactus Wren Cedar Waxwing Orange-crowned Warbler Pine Warbler
47. American Robin Northern Waterthrush Lucy’s Warbler Yellow-rumped Warbler
48. Curve-billed Thrasher Yellow-rumped Warbler Yellow Warbler Eastern Towhee
49. Northern Mockingbird Black-throated Green Warbler Yellow-rumped Warbler American Tree Sparrow
50. European Starling Chipping Sparrow Wilson’s Warbler Chipping Sparrow
51. Yellow-rumped Warbler Field Sparrow Green-tailed Towhee Savannah Sparrow
52. Black-throated Gray Warbler Song Sparrow Spotted Towhee Fox Sparrow
53. Green-tailed Towhee White-throated Sparrow Brewer’s Sparrow Song Sparrow
54. Rufous-crowned Sparrow Dark-eyed Junco Lark Sparrow Lincoln’s Sparrow
55. Canyon Towhee Northern Cardinal Savannah Sparrow White-throated Sparrow
56. Rufous-winged Sparrow Red-breasted Grosbeak Song Sparrow Dark-eyed Junco
57. Chipping Sparrow Red-winged Blackbird White-crowned Sparrow Northern Cardinal
58. Brewer’s Sparrow Common Grackle Western Tanager Red-breasted Grosbeak
59. Black-chinned Sparrow Brown-headed Cowbird Northern Cardinal Red-winged Blackbird
60. Lark Sparrow Baltimore Oriole Pyrrhuloxia Common Grackle
61. Black-throated Sparrow House Finch Black-headed Grosbeak Brown-headed Cowbird
62. Lark Bunting Purple Finch Great-tailed Grackle House Finch
63. Lincoln’s Sparrow Pine Siskin Brown-headed Cowbird Purple Finch
64. White-crowned Sparrow American Goldfinch Hooded Oriole American Goldfinch
65. Dark-eyed Junco House Sparrow Bullock’s Oriole
66. Western Tanager House Finch
67. Northern Cardinal Pine Siskin
68. Pyrrhuloxia Lesser Goldfinch
69. Black-headed Grosbeak House Sparrow
70. Blue Grosbeak
71. Brewer’s Blackbird
72. Great-tailed Grackle
73. Bronzed Cowbird
74. Brown-headed Cowbird
75. Hooded Oriole
76. Bullock’s Oriole
77. Scott’s Oriole
78. House Finch
79. Cassin’s Finch
80. Pine Siskin
81. Lesser Goldfinch
82. Lawrence’s Goldfinch
83. House Sparrow
As you can see from these lists I have only been here for 3 1/2 months and I have almost caught up to all my other yard lists! I do think I will reach over 100 yard birds here at Mere Point Cottage!
2. DSC_0115 NOCA Andover, MA June 2012-kab Northern Cardinal in Andover, MA June, 2012
3. DSC_0301 field sparrow andover, ma 2010
Field Sparrow in Andover, MA 10-19-2010
DSC_0301 tucson yard Tucson Yard 2-11-2013
DSC_0180 Mere Point Cottage feeder-kab
Mere Point Cottage Yard
DSC_0200 fox sparrow-kab Fox Sparrow at Mere Point Cottage
DSC_0236 savannah sparrow-kab Savannah Sparrow at Mere Point Cottage


  1. I think you will surpass all the other yards! I was surprised Vermillion Flycather was not on your Sycamore Canyon list.

    1. Kathryn, I know! I looked for that species the whole time I was there but never saw one anywhere in Sycamore Canyon for some reason!

  2. Your yard lists are so impressive!! Your pictures are beautiful. Had lots of fun the other day. We're still talking about it!!

    1. KaHolly, it was a blast and I was so pleased to met you and your family!

  3. Amazing what adding a feeder or two or three will do. It's so nice to have birds when we are not birding. It's an easy way to look out of the window and enjoy birds without having to put on hats or fill water bottles. And it's even better when something new stops by:)

    1. Chris, lots of new stuff stopping by here! I hope there will still be plenty when you arrive!

  4. You must have good cover in your yard for the foxes and birds. I know the chickadees like lots of bushes and protection.

    1. Quiet Paths, it is the perfect combination of open and wooded areas with lots of brush and tangles! I also have some flowering fruit trees, which helps!


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