Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Eastern Phoebe

1. EAPH-kab Eastern Phoebe 4-7-14

It seems when the Eastern Phoebe’s arrived, they arrived all at once, because suddenly I was hearing them everywhere! They first showed up in my yard on April 7th as species #41 on the Yard List. Later I counted them all over Brunswick, Bath and Norridgewock, Maine, and at Reid State Park. However, after having them as almost daily yard birds, I had not seen one in awhile until this morning. I love to hear their voice and see them doing their flycatcher thing. I hope they will stay around here for the summer!

2. Eastern Phoebe-kab 

Believe it or not, I did get brave and put out some meal worms in a feeder, but so far I have only seen chickadees eating them! The Mere Point Yard List Continues to grow and yesterday I added 5 new species with a Yellow-rumped Warbler #56Red-bellied Woodpecker at #57; a Yellow Warbler, #58; Black and white warbler, #59; and a Pine Warbler, #60! Then this morning I saw my first chimney swift flyover! I am still waiting to see a catbird in this yard and I am hoping I will get to see even more warblers here. This morning I saw a small flock of yellow-rumps pass through and I was hoping to get a photo of them, but they were so high up in a tree and backlit against a gray sky that I did not even try.

I saw the Red-bellied woodpecker and the Yellow-rumped warbler out my windows but I may never have seen the Yellow Warbler if it weren't for a Cooper's Hawk that crashed into my window feeder trying to capture a Chipping Sparrow! The hawk dropped below the window frame so I grabbed my camera and bolted out the door. While I could not find the hawk, there was so much bird activity in the yard that I crept around the corner of the house and leaned against the corner trying to blend in and photograph birds. I saw chickadees and goldfinches, cardinals and house finches, and then a bright yellow-green bird landed in a nearby evergreen, then flew across the yard. I finally got my bins on it in the briar tangle at the edge of the leech field where I saw it was indeed a Yellow Warbler and not just another goldfinch! Then a Ruby-crowned Kinglet flew into the same spruce tree the Yellow Warbler was in. Overhead an Osprey flew by and while I was following it with my bins a Red-tailed Hawk came into view. I am starting to think I will never get anything done if I don't close the curtains on my windows! Later, in the evening it was while I was trying to watch TV with my husband that I saw movement out the picture window. I always keep my bins nearby, so I raised them to see what caused the movement. The first bird I saw a a Black-capped chickadee, but then right below it was a Black and white Warbler! By then I had stood up and moved over to the window where I continued to stand for the next hour watching birds. My efforts were rewarded when  Pine Warbler flew down to the suet feeder and gobbled up a few mouthfuls before moving on. All I can say is: Keep those yard birds coming!

I can't help but wonder: Will this be the yard where I finally reach 100 species?


3. EAPH-kab


  1. The Phoebe is a sweet bird! Wonderful post and photos, Kathie!

  2. Hi Katie...Your not alone, my whole day can revolve around catching a glimpse of movement outside!! Through the deck doors at the feeding station like a fool ever since 3:25 when I saw 3 Yellow Rump Warblers at the feeders, eating suet and small seeds!! I have never seen that before they are still out there right now!! : )
    I saw my first black and white one today !!
    Your probably going to see plenty species around your place like me!!

    Hope your Phoebe nest there !!


    Saw your comment on my post!! Sounds good!!

    1. Grammie, I am seeing new warblers everyday! It is so exciting here!


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