Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Ghostly Birds

1. October ghoul bird-kab1. October Ghoul Bird

2. three witches-kab 2. The Three Witches from MacBeth

3. winged phantom-kab 3. Winged Phantom

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Birding is Fun

Halloween Birds

I am posting on Birding is Fun a bit late this month due to my regular day being needed for a different post. It worked out well since I decided to have a little Halloween fun and play with the names of some bird species. There are more birds and names over on BiF. The correct names of these three species are listed below. Before scrolling down for the answers, can you name these birds?

Happy Halloween!

4. october sky-kab


  1. American Crow (October Ghoul Bird)
  2. White-faced Ibis (Three witches from MacBeth)
  3. Snowy Egret (Winged Phantom)


  1. Great post, Kathie! I enjoyed your Halloween birds and post. Happy Birding!


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