Saturday, April 4, 2015

Spring Flowers and Birds-a collection

1. crocus in central park-kab Crocuses in Central Park 3-12-2011

2. RWBL forsythe NWR 2013-kab Red-winged Blackbird Forsythe NWR, NJ June 2013

3. willows central park-kab Willows in Central Park 3-18-2012

4. robin Central Park-kab American Robin Central Park 3-18-2012

5. buds-kab Flower Buds Central Park 3-12-2011


6. goldfinch Andover-kab American Goldfinch, Andover, MA 4-11-2011

7. corona de tucson yardbirds spring 2009-kab Spring Yard birds Corona de Tucson 4-11-2009

Piping plover and sanderlings Reid State park 4-11-14-kab Sanderlings and a Piping Plover Reid SP Maine 4-11-14

8. Song Sparrow kathiesbirds Song Sparrow 3-12-2011

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Happy Easter!


9. flower box andover mass-kab

Happy Spring!


  1. Pretty flowers and birds. Lovely images, Kathie! Happy Easter to you and yours!

  2. Spring has definitely sprung in your part of the world Kathie. Beautiful to see. Happy Easter!

  3. Both the flowers adn birds are a delight in this post and I wish you a very HAPPY EASTER.

  4. wow. beautiful birds & flowers...from all over!

    happy easter...happy sunday!

  5. A lovely springtime post Kathie :)


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