Sunday, August 2, 2015

A Surprise in the Countryside on a Global Big Day

1. chukar-kab A Chukar in Brunswick, ME 5-9-15

Back in May eBird sponsored what they called a Global Big Day. It was a day where they encouraged everyone to go out and count birds across the globe wherever they could. The goal was to see how many of the 10,000 bird species world wide could be seen and counted in one day. I always like challenges like this, so I was more than willing to participate. Since it was Mother’s Day weekend, we were headed to Norridgewock to visit Gus’s Mom. But, before we left, I got up early in the morning to go eBirding as many places as I possibly could that were nearby. Imagine my surprise when I was driving down a country road in Brunswick to spot this chukar, a species normally seen in the sagebrush out west! No, I did not count this bird for the Global Big Day. I knew it was a bird that had been raised in captivity here in Maine on someone’s property. I do not know if it was a pet, or intended for food later on. Many people get these kinds of birds just to enjoy their beauty and to let them run free in the yard and eat ticks! I hope this is the case! I love chukars and their clown faces and I used to have them as Yard Birds when I lived in Utah near the Great Salt Lake!

2. gulls at Simspon Point-kabIt is not unusual to see Herring Gulls roosting in eel grass at Simpson’s Point however! It wasn’t the best day for photography with gray skies and fog, but I did have a good time and I submitted 8 checklists from around town before we headed out. Once we got to Norridgewock I counted birds at Oosoola park, which is on the banks of the Kennebec River. The spring migrants were still arriving with a few winter birds still hanging around.

3. Eastern kingbirds in Norridgewock-kab I spotted this pair of Eastern Kingbirds and I have continued to see them all summer whenever I visit! But the highlight of the day for me was spotting my First in Somerset County Common Mergansers in the backwater cove!

4. common mergansers at oosoola park-kab Male and female Common Mergansers at Oosoola Park 5-9-15

In the end i submitted 11 checklist for the Global Big Day and had a great time birding and enjoying Nature! I started at 5:20 a.m. right here at Mere Point Cottage and ended at 6:27 p.m. when I saw turkey vultures flying over the highway in Waterville, Maine on our way home!


  1. Katie that was a great days birding adn I am sure you relaly enjoyed it very much. Have a lovely week ahead.

  2. Hello Kathie, what a cool bird. Awesome sighting. Happy Birding!


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