Sunday, February 13, 2011

Ft. McClary (MWT)

1. Ft. McClary gusto Ft. McClary, Kittery, Maine 12-11-10 by Gusto!

Last December before winter hit and the eternal white of snow blanketed the coast Gus and I took a drive to Kittery, Maine where we discovered Ft. McClary State State Historic Site. Situated at the mouth of the Piscataquis River on Portsmouth Harbor this location is ideally located as a point of defense. According to the park’s sign forts have been built on this site starting in 1689. They continued up through the civil war changing hands and names several times. In 1864 during the civil war, a division of the Maine Coast Guard was called up to active duty at the fort. Hannibal Hamlin, the sitting Vice President of the United States under Lincoln at that time, was also part of this coast guard division. Hamlin reported for duty and served here even though he was Vice President. He was replaced as Lincoln’s running mate in the 1864 elections by Andrew Johnson.

Enjoy this tour of Ft. McClary and remember, all photos click to enlarge.

2. Welcome sign gusto 

The fort was manned during five different wars:

  1. The American Revolution
  2. The War of 1812
  3. Spanish-American War
  4. The Civil War
  5. World War I

3. View of bay gusto

Piles of granite litter the landscape after plans to improve the fort were abandoned when the fort was deemed obsolete five years after the Civil War ended.

4. Poweder magazine gus 

Ft. McClary Block House and Powder Magazine

5. Powder mag gus 

6. fort gus 

7. Fort Gus 

8. Ft. window gus 

9. fort gus 

10. Granite gus 

11. Granite gus 

12. wall gus 

13. rifleman's house gus 

14. down to bay gus 

15. shoreline gus Homes and docks along the shoreline.

16. tug boat gus Portsmouth Harbor Lighthouse

17. sea wall gus Ft. McClary Seawall

While Gus was busy photographing the fort, I was was off trying to photograph birds.  I walked along this seawall scanning the water. While I did see some very interesting birds, most were too far out for good photographs. The following photos of a Common Loon were shot by Gus with his Nikon D90 and 18 – 200mm lens. A post with a list of the birds seen at Fort McClary is soon to follow.

18a. Loon gusto 








18b. loon gusto Common Loon

18c. loon gus 








19. Leaving gus Granite Powder Magazine and view of entrance/exit to the fort.

Ft. McClary State Historic Site is located along Route 1A in Kittery, Maine

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For more information about Ft. McClary, Hannibal Hamlin, or Portsmouth Harbor Lighthouse click on the links:


  1. Kathie, great post and photos on the fort. Looks like an interesting place to visit.

  2. Interesting slice of history. I like the Bright red brick. It Will melt! ;)

  3. I SO enjoyed the tour of the fort. You know, during all the years I lived in that vicinity, I never went there. Shame on me!! I will definitely check it out when next I'm in the area. Perhaps this spring, before I head back up to the island!! ~karen

  4. eileen, it was very interesting and I would like to go back!

    Gaelyn, I like the bright red brick also! (and it was melting like crazy yesterday when the temp went up to 51F!)

    KaHolly, you should! I bet there are lots of warblers here in the spring as well as other shore birds!


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