Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Going Squirrelly


Gray Squirrel 2-8-11

It was snowing again yesterday. The snow has made me squirrelly and the squirrels bold AND hungry!


So much snow has fallen that it almost reaches the bottom of my bird feeders!







The yew tree sags with the weight of the snow and with it, so does my spirit!






Though I put up a squirrel baffle, it is no longer effective since it is only about 2 feet from the top of the snow to the bottom of the feeder! Quite an easy leap…

DSC_0072 …which the clever squirrels finally discovered last week!

DSC_0073 Now they mock me as they gorge on bird seed…

DSC_0074 …and stare at me through the kitchen window…

DSC_0076 …but how can I deny them this food…

DSC_0129 …when I know that they are just hungry too! Besides, they do make me smile with their antics!

Read my new poem: And the Dragon Roars!


  1. Sounds like you're learning to accept the things you can not change.

    Cute squirrel.

  2. Katnell, you are so welcome!

    Gaelyn, the sun shone today and I am starting to bounce back!

  3. At least you had the cute squirrels to cheer you up & a bit of the SUN- a sign of things to surely come.

  4. I like his pink nose.

  5. Donna, they are humorous and frustrating and oh so bold! Those naughty squirrels are eating up all my seed!

    Sandy, so do I! and when they stand on their hind feet and curl their little paws to their chest it is just too darling!

  6. Great squirrel post Kathie.

    I realise I have not been around much lately. I too have been stressed out with himself's antics.

  7. Well I have to admit that the Grey Squirrel is not one of my favourite garden visitors but, like you, I have to admire their persistence as long as they don't create havoc everywhere!

    I can understand your 'winter blues' Kathie whilst longing for the desert sunshine ... Just a different seasonal pattern to get to grips with. Stay warm.

  8. Cute-I've been watching squirrels as they climb to the top of snow mounds to get an adavantage on reaching my feeders. They let me get awfully close before being scared off too.Fun photos of them.

  9. That squirrel looks unusual; like a cross between a grey and fox squirrel. But he sure has all the regular traits of a squirrel. Ha!

  10. Silly rascal! I am going to read your new poem now.


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