Thursday, February 17, 2011

Moody Blues (SWF)

SWF Moody Blues Gusto

The Mouth of the Piscataquis River 12-11-10

Photo by Gusto! with Nikon D90 and the 18-200mm lens

Skywatch Friday!


  1. Just gorgeous!! I am missing the water and grateful for this eye-candy today!! I am NOT missing the winter, however, and will stay in Texas for a few more weeks, at least! It's finally warm here again. ~karen

  2. Is this shot west of the bridge? It is moody and beautiful.

  3. Its a great shot Kathie, taken at 18mm I guess.

  4. What a gorgeous pic! Happy Weekend.

  5. amazing moody blue sky....:) thanks for sharing...:)

    Hope you can take a peek at my SkyWatch Friday entry as well. Thanks!

  6. You captured the mood perfectly - a gorgeous image!

  7. Hi everyone, thank you for your visits.

    To answer your question, Sandy, it was taken from Ft. McClary looking SW I think.


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