Friday, May 18, 2012

Birds and Blooms at Sacred Heart Park

1. Redstart-kab American Redstart 5-12-12

I’ve been birding Sacred heart park on a regular basis for a few weeks now and it has been fun to notice all the changes in the park. The threes have leafed out, the grasses have turned green and the wildflowers are in bloom! With all the new growth the birds have returned and it seems every time I go to the park I discover something new!

2. buttercups-kab Buttercups in bloom.


3. pond-kab One of the backwater ponds fed by the river.

I often stand here quietly and look and listen for birds. It was near this pond that I found a Fox Sparrow, a Rose-breasted Grosbeak, and a Wilson’s Warbler!

4. grassy glen-kab The park along the river bank.

I always walk to the top of a little knoll past the ponds near the edge of the woods. From this little alcove I can turn around to see the woods, the ponds and the parkland along the riverbank.

5. wildflower-kab Greater Celendine chelidonium majus at the edge of the woods

Now there are wildflowers blooming at the edge of the woods, along with poison ivy! There is so much to see walking along the edge of the riverbank.

6. poison ivy-kab Poison Ivy looks pretty but don’t touch!


7. squirrel-kab Gray squirrel feeding on seeds high in a tree.


8. bright spot-kab A male Northern Cardinal makes a bright spot in the new green leaves!


9. bend in the river-kab The calm waters at the bend in the river.

When I am here by myself I find this place so peaceful and calming.

10. ghost tree-kab The Ghost Tree doesn’t even look scary on this partly sunny day!


11. wild phloxx-kabDame’s Rocket hesperis matronalis at Sacred Heart Park 5-12-12

My Life List of birds I have observed at Sacred Heart Park so far:

  1. American Crow 9-3-2010
  2. Gray Catbird
  3. Rock Pigeon 1-5-2011
  4. Black-capped Chickadee
  5. Tufted Titmouse
  6. White-breasted Nuthatch
  7. American Robin
  8. Northern Mockingbird
  9. Song sparrow
  10. Dark-eyed Junco
  11. House sparrow
  12. Red-tailed hawk 2-19-2011
  13. Ring-billed Gull
  14. Herring Gull
  15. Blue Jay
  16. Canada Goose 4-9-11
  17. Wood duck
  18. Mallard
  19. Mourning Dove
  20. Northern Cardinal
  21. Red-winged Blackbird
  22. Common grackle
  23. Downy woodpecker 4-16-11
  24. Red-bellied woodpecker 5-1-11
  25. Yellow-rumped warbler
  26. Great Blue heron 6-4-11
  27. chimney Swift
  28. Eastern Bluebird
  29. Chipping sparrow
  30. American Goldfinch 7-11-11
  31. Belted Kingfisher 9-30-11
  32. Northern Flicker
  33. Carolina Wren
  34. White-throated sparrow 1-25-12
  35. House Finch 2-1-2
  36. Hooded merganser 2-7-12
  37. Hairy woodpecker 2-14-12
  38. Turkey Vulture 3-11-12
  39. Eastern Phoebe 3-22-12
  40. European Starling 3-27-12
  41. Fox Sparrow 3-30-12
  42. Cooper’s hawk 4-7-12
  43. Palm Warbler 4-16-12
  44. Savannah sparrow
  45. Cedar Waxwing 5-2-12
  46. Baltimore oriole 5-6-12
  47. House Wren 5-9-12
  48. American Redstart 5-12-12
  49. Wilson’s warbler 5-14-12
  50. Rose-breasted Grosbeak


  1. Funny-I haven't seen a restart yet this year. Looks like good times birding up your way!

    1. Thanks Larry! It has been good times. And all of these are within walking distance of my apartment!

  2. Ahh...what and ideal setting. You've got me really looking forward to my trip to Pennsylvania in a couple weeks.

    1. Laurence, You should have tons of fun! I hope you get to see tons of warblers and some new sparrows and other eastern species!

  3. Beautiful captures, what idyllic settings.

  4. All that luscious green. I really like the calm look to the backwaters. And you saw So many birds.

    1. Gaylen, I know it is greener than AZ! I did not see all those birds on this one day, that is my Life List for this location!

  5. Kathie, what a great count and list of birds. Love the Redstart and the beautiful park. Happy Birding!

    1. Eileen, thanks! I was thrilled to see the Redstart!


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