Tuesday, May 1, 2012

A Committee of Vultures

1. Tuvu-kab Turkey Vulture on the chimney of the house across the street 4-30-12

It was the last day of April and I had just returned from a full day of errands and birding in Salem, NH. With a rain storm headed our way the sky had already become leaden and gloomy. I was outside with the dog when I suddenly looked up to see a “committee” of Turkey Vultures landing on the rooftop and chimney of a house across the street! I quickly brought the dog inside and grabbed my camera. The following photos were all taken within a few short minutes. The first one was taken from inside my apartment looking through the front window, but then I went outside and across the street. I did not waste time taking photos as I did not want my neighbors to think I was spying on them! By-the-way, I discovered this morning that the collective noun for a group of vultures is “a committee.” Alternative collective nouns for this species are; “cast,” “meal,”, vortex,” and “wake.” (Info on collective nouns from iBird Pro.)

2. TUVU-DSC_0186 

3. KAB-DSC_0187 

4. Andover TUVU-kab 

5. Lift off-kab 

6. A commitee of vultures-kab The Committee

7. acrobat-kab 

8. wings-kab 

9. settling in-kab 

10. good-night-kab Good Night!


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  1. Kathie, cool post and great shots of the committee. I think the Turkey Vultures are neat birds. Thanks for sharing.

  2. My goodness! Great shots! Interesting birds, but a little creepy.

  3. Wow magnificent birds, if not a little scary.

  4. Great shots!! Boom & Gary of the Vermilon River, Canada.

  5. Lovely post and shots of the 'committee' Kathie. I wonder if they ever agree with one another .. lol.

  6. How eerie! Ya look at all those long faces and want to ask, "Who died?" and then they'll all go, "What!? Where!?"

  7. Great photos. It was a good thing you had your camera all ready to go. I wonder if those birds always go in groups like that.

  8. Great post! So interesting to see the vultures, a bird I never seen.

  9. Eileen, as I recall they are daily visitors at your house!

    kathryn, yeah, I know, but I love the way they soar!

    kristallcreatures, thanks.

    Gary, thanks.

    Frank, I wondered the same thing!

    Laurence, I know!

    jeanelle, thanks!

    Mick, they usually do and sometimes they get into even bigger "committees!"

    fjallripan, They are magnificent when they soar.

  10. Haha! Loved this post. Looks like your neighbor's house temporarily housed the Addams Family! What a sight...

  11. Lucky you! I would love those vulture neighbors.

  12. Turkey Vultures are ugly but very important and interesting birds.
    You really got some great close-ups!

  13. A committee of vultures seems so appropriate. Love these shots. Such magnificent birds.

  14. Great pictures you show.
    Wishing you a good day.
    Hanne Bente / hbt.finus.dk

  15. Committee, really, great pictures. Thank you for sharing.

  16. Now I'm not a superstitious person - but that would have had me worried - especially if they had landed on my house!

    Intersesting pictures.

    Stewart M - Australia

  17. Hi Kathie

    What a wonderful post I really like vultures and the fourth shot with the feather detail was great.

    All the best.

  18. Great shots! I love to see the Vultures.

  19. Looks like there was a party going on there Kathie. We get a lot of them over here but I only see them soaring, so graceful in flight, never very close like this though. Great shots!


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