Sunday, May 6, 2012

When Spring Comes to Maine

1. robin-kab When Spring comes to Maine the thrush starts to sing

deep in the woods

2. nest-kab where it builds its nest

3. tree buds-kab and though the shadows have yet to grow green

the tree buds decorate sky and ground like party confetti

4. farmlandWhile down along the river emerald pastures roll upward to the sky


5. horse-kab and the gray horse grazes contentedly on new green grass


6. barn swallow-kab When spring comes to Maine the barn swallows return to perch on the wires


7. pasture-kab and hunt over the fields

gathering insects with their wide mouths

filling the air with motion and chattering

purple and orange flashes in the sky

8. forest-kab as each tiny leaf unfolds and unfurls in the forest

9. chickadee-kaband the chickadee feeds from the tips of the twigs

and below the birds

and beneath the trees

10. May flowers-kab the meadow has become a carpet of May flowers,

11. bluets-kab bluets with bright faces,

Bursting from the damp earth

12. bluets-kab

When spring comes to Maine.

~Kathie Adams Brown (May 6, 2012)

Last Sunday Gus and I took a drive up to Maine to visit his family. Gus has been there at least once a month since we moved back east. We barely made it this time as it was April 29th when we went, but so far he has not broken his streak and we hope to keep it that way. While Gus hung out with his parents, I took My sister-in-law for a drive once again down along the Sandy River to count birds. It was just about noon when we finally got out there and so did not see many birds, but we saw enough to make me happy, though most were too far away or too tiny or too backlit for any great photos. I did find one yellow-rumped warbler singing in some pine trees but it was so high up that it was little more than a dot in my lens. Still, you can’t beat springtime in Maine!


  1. Kathie--whatever those 4-petal white and yellow flowers are--they just made my day! And I've had a pretty good day already!

    They're so pretty and perky, the perfect insignia for spring time.

    Thanks for sharing.

  2. Laurence, they are called bluets or May flowers and they are my favorite. I would have had them as my wedding bouquet but they are so tiny and delicate that they never would have survived and no one would have been able to tell what I was carrying!

  3. Alas...
    Well, at least you have them now every spring. I hope you're able to pick a bunch on every anniversary : )

  4. Laurence...that's so sweet. I love to see them and that is enough for me. I missed them when I was in AZ. It is too dry and alkaline there. They need acidic soil and cool temperatures!

  5. I like spring in Maine, and this was my first visit there with you.

  6. Those Bluets are so sweet Kathie.

  7. Hi Kathie, lovely post. Springtime in Maine looks beautiful. The white flowers are pretty and I love the birds. Wonderful post and photos. Happy Birding!

  8. Beautiful spring pictures Kathie especially as it is grey and stormy here right now. Thanks for sharing :)

  9. Gorgeous spring post filled with a lovely narrative and splendid photographs! Maine looks stunning this time of year. You captured the colors and scenes beautifully!


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