Friday, December 7, 2012

Happy Birthday Gus!

1. gus-kab Gus carrying my new scope, Yuma East Wetlands, Thanksgiving Day

You know how they always sing about the person who is the ”wind beneath my wings?” Well, I guess you can say that my husband Gus, is that for me. We have been married for going on 36 years. He is the father of our four children and my life partner. We have travelled all over the United States together and have been through good times and bad, but he has always been my protector and my rock. He is always up for a fun adventure and this past Thanksgiving was no exception. It was his idea to take a road trip over the holiday in his new Camaro convertible which he bought since moving back to Tucson. He has waited a very long time for one and I am happy that he was able to get it! We are not getting any younger! Today is his 60th Birthday and since I cannot buy him anything as grand as that car, I can only tell him how much I love him and how much I appreciate him going birding with me, buying me cameras, binoculars and spotting scopes and then taking me on birding adventures even though his is not really interested in birds!

Happy Birthday Gus!

Thanks for showing me the world!

I love you!

2. turkey vulture-kab Turkey Vulture at Yuma East Wetlands

Follow the bird over to Birding is Fun to read the full story of our Thanksgiving Adventure at Yuma East Wetlands and read a review of my new Vortex Viper HD Spotting Scope! (If you click on the turkey vulture it will take you there!)


  1. Happy Birthday, Gus!!! Thanks for making it possible for Kathie to have such an awesome blog to share all of your wonderful birding adventures.

  2. Yep, he is definitely a keeper! Love ya both. Happy Birthday, Gus.

    1. Kathryn, you know it! Thanks! Love you (and Steve) too!

  3. Kathie let me read from her Blog but she left it open unknowingly. So I am taking this opportunity to say thanks to all you you for wishing me a Happy Birthday and following her adventures on her Blog. As I always tell her "I love loving you"


  4. Happy Birthday Gus. Kathie is such a fortunate woman to have you in her life.

  5. That was so nice, Kathie. Happy Birthday Gus!

  6. Happy birthday Gus!! Beautifully said Kathy. You both sound like lovely people. AND he carries your 'scope!!

  7. Hi Kathie

    Nice Scope you will be able to see their little bird belly buttons with that.

    All the best to Gus.



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