Thursday, November 6, 2014

A Visit with Dawn Fine

1. 10-17-14 getting cozy Dawn Fine 10-17-14

On my way home from Colchester I stopped to pick up my dear friend, Dawn Fine. I first met Dawn in 2010 when she and Jeff were in staying at Catalina State Park in Tucson. I was a new blogger at the time and she and her husband were one of the first people I ever met off the internet. We became fast friends and we meet up whenever the timing and location make it feasible. Jeff and Dawn travel around the country in an RV full time and so their home is always on the move. Dawn loves birds, but she is not crazy obsessed like me. However, she is a computer wizard in my opinion and has a been a great help to me. I cannot thank her enough for introducing me to Live Writer and showing me how it works! In return, I share my eBird checklists with her whenever we bird together! (She is not a lister!) Dawn also manages the Birders who Blog, Tweet, and Chirp group on Facebook. Dawn is a great connecter of people and ideas. She likes to spread the word about things. We always have fun together!

2. 10-18-14 Dawn near birdge On Saturday, October 18th I showed Dawn around. We went to Wharton’s Point and Brunswick Landing. We met up with some of her friends which ended up being a good connection for me. I took her for a drive down to Orr’s and Bailey Islands. Dawn loved being close to the sea. Here she is taking pictures of the cove.

3. 10-18-14 Land's End The tip of Bailey Island is also known as Land’s End.


4. 10-18-14 Dawn at Land's End Of course, there is a store by that name as well. This is Dawn after shopping.

If you look to the right, you can literally see when the road stops and the land ends! Dawn’s friends also told us about a place called The Giant Stairs. They are on Bailey Island. I had not heard of them. We found the spot, parked the car, and even though it was near sunset and starting to mist, we took the walk anyways.

5. 10-19-14 signage This is the trail along the seawall.


6. 10-19-14 Giant stairs in Harpswell, ME We could not see the steps until we got very close and looked over the edge!

My how the sea was pounding! We were glad we went!

The next day we made arrangements to meet Robin Robinson of the Maine Birds Facebook Page. She also has her own webpage for her wonderful photography! Robin was a hoot and a wonderful story teller. She lives down on Totman Cove in Phippsburg and I can only say she has one of the best views on the coast of Maine!

7. 10-19-14 Robin and Dawn Robin and Dawn 10-19-14

Dawn and I did not want to leave, but I did need to return Dawn to her husband.

8. 10-19-14 Dawn and Jeff I think he kind of missed her!

Thanks, Jeff!

The day after this was when I started to get sick and I dropped off the blogosphere for two weeks. Now I am back and there will be more bird photos here soon!


  1. Friends. How lovely you were able to spend some time together. So you've befriended Robin. Haven't seen her around blogland in ages. Glad you're feeling better!!

    1. KaHolly, I am so glad we were able to spend time together! It was great fun! Robin doesn't do her blog anymore, but she does run the Maine Birding site on Facebook, so those of us who are part of that group hear from her on a regular basis! It is a public group, so anyone can join.

  2. Glad to hear you are feeling better. Lovely for you to meet up with your friends. Enjoyed all the photos.

    1. Thanks Denise! I hope to post some bird pictures here soon!

  3. I am happy you and Dawn had a fun time together..Sounds like a great friendship! Nice post and wonderful photos..

    1. Eileen, it is! She's like an adopted sister to me!

  4. It's good to have friends with some different interests, especially when they fit in nicely with ours!

  5. She is a lovely Lady Kathie with a kindred spirit.


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