Friday, November 7, 2014

Portrait of a Least Sandpiper

1. least Sandpiper-kab Least Sandpiper at Barnes Point 9-6-2014

On the first weekend of September this year we celebrated the first ever World Shorebirds Day. For three days that weekend people were encouraged to go out and count shorebirds wherever they were. One of the places I counted birds at was Barnes Landing in Brunswick, Maine. I found three Least Sandpipers feeding in the eel grass on the rocky shore. I have more photos and info to come, but I figured it was time to get some birds back on this Birding Blog!

2. LESA in eel grass-kab 

3. running least sandpiper-kab This photo really shows the yellow-green legs and slightly down-curved bill of the Least Sandpiper.

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  1. A lovely find and the first shot is stunnning

  2. What wonderful colour still. They must look wonderful on their breeding grounds.

    1. Happywander, this was 2 months ago. They are all gone now. I was so surprised how close they got to me!

  3. They are pretty Sandpipers. Great photos and sighting, Kathie..


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