Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Barnes Landing-a photo essay

1. Barnes landing-kab

Barnes Landing is a little known and little visited cove on the shores of Middle Bay in Brunswick, Maine. I went here on September 6th to count birds for World Shorebirds Day. As the clouds and mist rolled in and the wind sprang up, I felt I was alone in the world in a wild place where the lines of Longfellow’s poem sprang to mind about “the forest primeval” and such. It is the sort of place where one feels the need of a weathervane or compass to guide your way, where all nature is close and ready to offer you gifts if you are receptive to her voice.

2. weathervane-kab Weathervane

3. barn and lawn 9-6-14 The Old Farm at Barnes Landing

4. 9-6-14 rocky shore at Barnes landing Barnes Landing

5. least snadpiper-kab Least Sandpiper

6. horseshow crab-kab Horseshoe Crab exoskeleton


7. sandpiper in eeel grass-kab Least sandpiper among the eel grass.


8. sea mat-kab Grass mat growing down to the tide line

9. shells-kab Seagull leftovers


11. rocky ledge9-6-14 Rocky ledge

12. seashells and seaweed 9-6-14 Portrait of the rocky shore

13. shoreline-kab Low Tide at Barnes Landing

14. gifts from the sea 9-6-14 Gifts from the sea

15. Least Sandpiper-kab Least Sandpiper

16. barnes landing-kab Middle Bay

17. barn-kab


  1. A lovely photo essay, Kathie. It looks like another lovely spot to go birding in Maine.

    1. happy wanderer, it is, indeed, lovely, peaceful and serene.

  2. Wow! What a beautiful area to go exploring. Love the sandpiper's colours. The different textures and colours on the rocks and beach are amazing. By the way, Kathie I received the same awful comment today as you! He must be trying lots of bloggers to see who will publish it.

    1. Margaret, I am sorry. You would think blogger could stop that idiot! Thank you for you kind and polite comments!

  3. This is really pretty. What a lovely day to go walking. I could smell the air! That kind of wet cool wonderful birding type weather:)


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