Monday, April 13, 2015

Barred Owl on a Winter’s Morn

1. barred owl in yard-kab Barred Owl in my yard 2-13-14 at 7:30 A.M.

It’s been two months since I finally photographed a Barred Owl in my yard here on Mere Point. Ever since moving back to Maine over a year ago I had been searching for this owl. I finally saw and photographed one on January 1st just up the road on Rossmore Road. It took until January 21st to finally see one in my own yard and for a few weeks I saw it on a regular basis, but I am glad I got this photo on February 13th because I have not seen one here again since February 14th!  I think the deep snow we had here made it hard on all the owls this winter.

2. barred owl-kab


  1. Glad the Owl was back in your garden adn you managed a shot of it.

  2. It is cool to have an owl in your backyard.. Great shots, Kathie! Happy Birding!

  3. IBT! It's about time! Glad BAOW came to visit...finally!:)

  4. What a beauty. He looks well fluffed up against the cold weather :)


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