Saturday, May 23, 2015

Family Time

1. kids at boat launch 5-16-15Grandkids at the Mere Point Boat Launch May 16, 2015

Last weekend the grandkids came to visit with their Mom and Dad. Chris made us chicken enchiladas while the kids went out to play. They found over a dozen starfish down at the boat launch. I joined them over there and counted birds. I also found two mother seals with pups on the rocks across the bay! The kids enjoyed watching them through my binoculars. It’s always fun to share nature with my grandkids and these three in particular just love it!

2. Starfish 5-16-15 Mere Point Boat launch Brooklyn holds a starfish for me on Saturday night.

3. Brooklyn with snake 5-17-15 On Sunday morning she found a garter snake in the yard.

4. Garter snake in yard 5-17-15 The snake was released unharmed after this photo op!

5. grampa trains his grandsons 5-17-15 While Brooklyn and I admired the snake, Gus was teaching his grandsons how to wash his car. The boys were more than happy to help! After this, they each got a ride in the car.

6. Cam gets the job done 5-17-15 Good job, boys!

On a sad note, my daughter's dog passed away in her sleep on Tuesday night from kidney failure. I have only gotten to know Widigt since my daughter moved back to Maine with her husband last fall. I have never been around boxers before but Widigt quickly won me over. She was such a sweet dog; joyful and playful, but calm. I loved that she was not a barker, yet she was protective of Renee if necessary. We are all going to miss her. Renee was here on Tuesday and Widgit was shivering from the cold, so Renee wrapped her up in a blanket like a doggie burrito while I turned up the heat. She looked so cute that I snapped this picture of her. Little did I know it would be her last.

7. Widgit 5-20-15Good-bye sweet Widgit. Rest in Peace.


  1. Your grandchildren are adorable Kathie and I am so sorry about Widget. My cousin had a boxer years ago with a lovely temperament. We also have a boxer living down the street who is a real sweety.

  2. Kathie, your grandchildren are adorable. I am so sorry about Widget. It is always sad to lose a family pet. Happy Memorial Day weekend!

  3. Sorry about Widget but great you have this last shot. your grand kids lok lovey and areobviously having a great time at your place. Love the Starfish.

  4. I would never pick up a snake! That girl is brave!


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