Friday, May 1, 2015

Notes From My Nest: Hello Again

1. 4-20-15 Mere Point BayMere Point Bay 4-20-15

Hello Again! I know it has been a very long time since you have heard from me. So much has been going on and my Physical Therapy takes up so much of my time. In the past three weeks my daughter has had surgery on her elbow and my son came to visit from Arizona. He brought along my grandson and they stayed with us for a week while we visited family and celebrated Xavier’s birthday. Meanwhile, the snow has finally melted and the migrating birds have started to return! I feel like a person let out of jail for it is finally warm enough and dry enough to get out and go for walks!

2. 4-22-15 Family time Family 4-22-15

In spite of being so busy, I have managed to go birding in a few places. I birded the Brunswick Town Commons on April 17th. No one had counted birds there since I had last fall, but on this day it seems another person decided it was finally nice enough to count birds and we both submitted eBird checklists for that day! While I only counted 12 species there in the almost two hours I walked the trails, I did get to see my Lifer Red Crossbills! No, I did not get a photo because they were too quick for me. One of the birds got out in the open at the top of a small pine tree but when I raised my camera for a shot it and the other birds flew off deeper into the pine forest.

4-17-15 entrance to Brunswick town commons Brunswick Town Commons 4-17-15

My Physical therapy is progressing well, but never as fast as I would like. I can now raise my arms above my head and out to the side, but am still having trouble getting my left arm behind my back. I don’t notice this too much until I try to tie my apron on. I am not in pain most of the time but once in awhile I feel a small twinge. At this point, it does not keep me from doing most of the things I want to and I almost feel normal, but it will be awhile until I get my strength back. We cannot work on building strength until we regain more flexibility.

Every day that I go to my Physical therapy I usually count birds in the parking lot. My physical Therapy is located next to the New Meadows River and sits on a small hill overlooking a valley and a ridge. Thus I have been able to witness firsthand the return of the Ospreys. I have seen them flying over the valley with fish and nesting material in their talons.

I have also been birding at Reid State Park, Popham Beach and Scarborough Marsh. I am so behind with all my photo processing that it could be awhile before I have pictures to show you! But the good thing is, the birds are returning!

4-30-15 Sawyer Park dock The dock is finally back in the water on the New Meadows River 4-3015

I have had Yellow-rumped, Palm, and Pine Warblers in the yard. I have seen greater yellowlegs down at Wharton Point. Red-winged Blackbirds, common Grackles, and brown headed cowbirds have all returned, along with starlings and sparrows. I have had Savannah sparrows, song sparrows and white-throated sparrows all in my yard, along with Fox Sparrows back in March. The Woodcocks also returned in March but I did not get to see or hear them as much as I did last year as it was much colder this year. No warm, misty nights to stand in the yard and watch their displays. I did poke my head out the door a few times and hear their calls and wing beats, but it was too dark to see them and none seemed to fly right over my head like they did last year, except for one evening when I opened the door to let Gus in with a load of groceries and a bird flew right over his head in the light of the back door!

Below is a photo montage of events and places over the past month or so. I hope to get some more bird photos up here soon!

4-9-15 Bohemian Waxwings in the trees on Brunswick Landing On April 9th there was still snow and I counted 36 Bohemian Waxwings in these trees on Brunswick Landing!

4-13-15 the lagoon at Reid state park On April 12th I counted 17 species at Reid State Park.

4-17-15 another trail on brunswick town commons One of the trails on Brunswick Town Commons 4-17-15

4-17-15 bridge in the woods BrunswickTownCommons My footprints on a footbridge at Brunswick Town Commons

4-17-15 Christmas tree on brunswick town commons Charlie Brown forgot his Christmas Tree 4-17-15

(seen alongside the trail on Brunswick Town Commons)

4-17-15 trail sign on Brunswick Twon Commons Trail sign on Brunswick Town Commons 4-17-15

4-18-15 finally some flowers Finally some Flowers in my yard!


4-20-15 my precious grandson My precious grandson, Xavier 4-20-15

4-20-15 Teaching the grandson to bird Teaching Xavier to bird 4-20-15

4-22-15 Popham Harbor Popham Harbor 4-21-15

4-24-15 Androscoggin river Brookfield Rec area The Androscoggin River at the Brookfield Recreation Area 4-24-15

(I saw my First of the Year Spotted Sandpiper at this location on this day!)

4-25-15 G and Gus Saying good-bye: Father and Son

4-25-15 my son and I Saying Good-bye: Mother and Son

Poem I Wrote: A Seaside Goodbye to My Son

4-26-15 Scarborough marshScarborough Marsh 4-26-15

4-26-15 Pine Point beach Pine Point Beach 4-26-15


4-28-15 across the water at Winslow Memorail Park Gus and I took a ride to Winslow Memorial Park in Freeport on Tuesday night. While I knew it was an eBird Hotspot, I had never been there yet until this night. What a pretty place. The wind was pretty fierce, so I did not see many songbirds, but the water was full of Common Eiders!

4-28-15 Gus car Oh, and this is the car we were riding around in!

Gus just got the windows tinted on this day so we had to take a ride to check it out!

4-28-15 Storm lighting and a rainbow in Brunswick As we drove back into town on Pleasant Street in Brunswick there was such dramatic storm lighting that I kept snapping pictures through the windows of the car. We even saw a rainbow!

4-30-15 Cormorants on the rocks Cormorants on the Rocks at Sawyer Park in Brunswick, Maine 4-30-15

After whining about not being able to see many birds in the first part of this year, I am finally up over 100 species for the year! However, this still pales in comparison to the 126 species I saw in all of January last year before I moved away from Tucson! Here are my current stats and a comparison of species I have seen each month. You can easily see the huge spike in bird species in April and I only expect May to get even better! One of my birding goals this year is to count birds in every county in Maine. Currently I only have one state where I have counted birds in every county, and that is Connecticut. While Connecticut has only 8 counties, Maine has 16. I have counted birds in 14 of those counties. Piscataquis County and Washington County are the two I have yet to tackle. It is my mission to get to them both before this month is over!

2015 Bird Species Totals Life Year Month
January 479 53 53
February 479 60 55
March 479 70 58
April 480 107 98


Meanwhile, the Month of April was National Poetry Writing Month and while I tried my best to write or publish a poem every day, things just got too hectic, but, if you are interested, check out my poetry blog, Kathie’s Poet Tree to see all my latest poems! Thank you for stopping by and reading my blog and saying Hello whenever you can!


  1. Hi Kathie.
    It's good to hear that the PT is working and that you've been able to get out and about at last. Those new wheels are very cool.

    I have no doubt the sighting stats will improve dramatically with the improved weather etc.

    1. Frank, you are so right! I saw my First of the Year Ruffed grouse, Black and white warbler and Black-throated green warbler all in the past few days! Thank you!

  2. HI Kathie Glad to hear your arm is getting more mobile and you have been getting out and about more. I am sure you are so glad your snow is melting adn the birds are returning. There are some lovely varities of views in this post. Have a lovley weekend.

    1. Thank you, Margaret. I hope to post some bird photos here soon!

  3. So nice to see the snow melted and know you're getting out to bird.

    1. Thank you Gaelyn! today it was warm enough to wear a tank top and sandals!

  4. I'm loving the landscape shots here. Bummer about the kiddos returning. I know how much fun it must have been for you both to have the Tucson gang return. Enjoy the weather! Love me!

  5. Replies
    1. Roy, it is Gus' pride and joy! But it's a pavement princess! No dirt roads for this car! i.e. limited birding!


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