Friday, October 23, 2015

A Few Birds in Norridgewock

DSC_0135 An Eastern Phoebe on its nest 6-7-15

Over the course of the summer we visited Norridgewock, Maine several times. My in-laws have a returning pair of phoebes that nest on their garage which I am always happy to see. They also put their feeders out over the summer, but take them in again in the fall before the snow flies because it is too hard for them to get to them through the snow. When we were there 2 weeks ago I was sad to see them down already. Since they live farther inland, they have yard birds that I usually only see passing through on migration. Here are just a few of the species I saw this summer with names and dates seen posted beneath each photo.

DSC_0137 Female Purple Finch in front. Rose-breasted Grosbeak behind.

DSC_0139 American Robin 6-7-15


DSC_0142 Male Rose-breasted Grosbeak 6-7-15

DSC_0144 Red Squirrel 6-12-15

DSC_0145 Eastern Chipmunk 6-12-15


DSC_0257 Male Purple Finch 6-20-15

DSC_0258 Indigo Bunting (front) Mourning Dove (behind) 6-20-15

Whenever I am in Norridgewock, I try to do some birding at Oosoola Park.

On July 10th, I saw the following birds there.

DSC_0473 Bald Eagle flying over the Kennebec River 7-10-15

DSC_0477 Eastern Kingbird on a wire 7-10-15

I often find Kingbirds here in summer.

DSC_0475 Frequently I find Kingfishers and ducks in this back cove.

On this day there was a family of ducks swimming in the shadows and hiding behind this fallen tree. But eventually they emerged and I had my first Wood ducks for this location!

DSC_0481 Wood Ducks at Oosoola Park 7-10-15

There were more ducks in the river as well.

DSC_0488 If you look closely at this picture you can just see a few mallards at the line where the water meets the trees!

DSC_0495 Closer to me at the boat ramp and dock more mallards and a couple of American Black Ducks swam up begging for food. A mom with kids obliged them! Yes, bread.


DSC_0496 Mallards and American Black Ducks looking for more food.


DSC_0498 Meanwhile the kingbird watches.


Note: I am gradually getting caught up with all my summer photos with new bird photos to come soon. By the time you read this, I will be returning from a trip to Colorado where I met up with my friend, Chris Rohrer! Won’t I have more stories to tell then! Currently my 2015 Year List is below 200 at 183 species. Perhaps I can get it above that number on this trip! I will let you know soon!


  1. well this post was certainly full of lovely birds and I am sure the trip with Chris will bring many susrprises to show us. Have a great weekend.

  2. Hello Kathie, wonderful variety of birds and images. I love the RB Grosbeak, it is one of my favorite birds. Great outing! Happy Friday, enjoy your weekend!


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