Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Another Discovery Near Steven’s Pond

DSC_0043It is cold, quiet and a bit windy when I park the car and follow the trail that leads down from the road towards the underpass of an old railroad grade, now turned into a hiking trail.

DSC_0042 It is along this trail that I find the little forest birds  as they move swiftly through the trees. I stop suddenly when I am surprised by a Ruby-crowned kinglet that has landed on a branch right in front of me. Before I can snap its picture it is gone and I am standing there, mouth agape. Good thing it isn’t springtime, or I’d be catching flies!

DSC_0044 On the way I pass Steven’s Pond again where the geese, ducks, and swans eat and rest.


I pass through the cold stone tunnel and emerge in the forest beyond, where trails branch off in all directions and I find myself on the shores of Lake Cochichewick. I see a wooden signboard ahead with a small peaked roof like a house.

DSC_0048 As I head for it I discover another type of sign in its rafters, the remains of a summer nest. I wonder what species of bird lived here and I wonder even more if the chicks survived.

DSC_0049 The sign below has a map of this place and I learn it is called Weir Hill. I see hiking trails all over, just waiting to be explored.  My feet are itching to go, and I briefly consider it, but I am unprepared for a hike today. I do not have water with me, or even the proper clothing.  I am fighting off a cough, and so I turn reluctantly back with dreams of other days and future hikes.

DSC_0051 The path between the ponds leads me back to my car as I pass  a quiet and reflective pool.

DSC_0052I am feeling quiet and reflective also as I think about my new life here and all that has happened, and all that is going on.

DSC_0053I am distracted from my thoughts when an Eastern Blue Jay lands on a branch before me and digs at the wound in the bark. It sends chips flying like a woodpecker until it sees me, then it ceases its barrage and leaps to the branch below, watching.

DSC_0056 I walk past a tangle of roots gripping the ground tightly like a giant hand…

DSC_0057…while the Blue Jay regards me warily, unsure of my intent. Then hopping to a higher perch in the tangle, it does what  jays do best, and sends its warning call over the forest, breaking the stillness with its voice.



  1. Another great discovery Kathie, you are soon going to have more places to watch birds than you can actually find the time to visit.{:)

  2. Kathie, that sounds like a great find. A pity I could only get the two pictures up with the path. I'll come back another time with better luck and admire what else you saw.

    Hope all is going well.

  3. Ha! After I left the comment, the pics came up as though by magic. It certainly is an enticing place. I love the roots like fingers stretched across the path, the russet leaves on the ground and the cheeky jay. Really nice place just to be.

  4. Looks like a good place to walk.

  5. I absolutely positively love walks like this. Can I come along again? Here, it's way to cold and icy for walks. You've got a good eye for interesting sights.

  6. What a delightful discovery Kathie. There truly is beauty all around us if we will just be open to it. And you ARE. I sure look forward to hiking with you on some of these trails as your posts always take me along.

  7. Such a lovely walk Kathie. Can't wait to see what you find along that path. Hope you get rid of your cough really fast.

  8. Lovely post Kathie. I can't wait to hear about the birds you see when you get to explore these paths.


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