Friday, December 17, 2010

Sunset at Quinnebaug Lake (or, Don’t Get Shot!) SWF

DSC_0027 Quinnebaug Lake, Killingly, CT 12-7-10

Last week I took a trip down to Connecticut to visit my Mom and sister. Since I was by myself I was free to stop along the way and count birds.  The northeast section of the state is one of the least birded counties in all of Connecticut and so I got off the highway and, like Winnie-the Pooh, I went on a long explore. I found this lake off Shepherd Hill Rd near Danielson, CT. We once lived in this area over 20 years ago and as I drove up the wooded road that led to the parking area I sensed a familiarity about it. I walked a short path through the trees to the edge of the lake and recognized a rope swing hanging like a memory from a nearby tree. Then I did remember that this was a place I took my kids for swimming lessons so many years ago!

DSC_0028In the fading light of the setting sun a few geese paddled in the water. I heard the rattle of a belted kingfisher as it flew out over the water and alighted in a distant tree. Dressed in a cream-colored coat with a fur-lined hood I tried to hide behind a large eastern pine that hugged the shore. Using it as I blind, I scanned the lake and forest for more birds. Suddenly I heard gunshots ring out through the surrounding forest. With their sounds I realized it was still hunting season! And then I realized that from a distance across the lake or through the trees in my cream-color coat with a fur trimmed hood hiding against a tree that I would look like the butt end of a white-tailed deer! I had nothing bright colored with me. If I took my coat off, I had a cream-colored sweater on beneath. Even my pants were dark brown.  I was dressed in the colors of nature and now they could mean my death! Quickly but with measured pace and heart pounding I walked back to my parked vehicle. It was probably 300 feet or more up the path through the woods to get there. I opened the door and jumped in so quickly! Then I drove out of there even faster! The lake looked so peaceful in the fading light but my heart was racing as I drove off into the sunset down Rt. 395. (I think I need to purchase one of those orange hunting vests!)

Skywatch Friday!


Bird seen at Quinnebaug lake 12-7-10:

  1. Canada Goose 9
  2. Belted Kingfisher 1
  3. Downy woodpecker 1
  4. American Crow 3


  1. Crumbs! Do you ever have ADVENTURES!!!

    When we lived in Vermont I didn't let the children play in the yard during the hunting season as those idiot fired from one hill to the other right across our yard!

    Again, I only got the first pic. but it sure was lovely. Pity about your adventure almost backfiring . . . literally. Always carry one of those large red hunting kerchiefs.

    For goodness sake stay safe!!!!

  2. gorgeous calming to view.

  3. Scary, Kathie! It's a shame you had to give up your outdoor time.

    On the other hand, you'll look great in red. :)

  4. Sounds scary, Kathie! Maybe you could leave something bright colored in your vehicle for when you want to do some birding. Your skywatch photo is beautiful.

  5. Hah! I like reading about your CT adventures since I live here. Don't feel bad. My wife once grabbed a duck decoy out of the water-held it up at eye level and said what's this? We were in a boat during hunting season.


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